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Connect Hub Planner With Different Apps via our Zapier Integration

Connect Hub Planner with Different Apps via our Zapier Integration The more we learn about our customers, the more we see how unique every customer’s approach towards scheduling and planning is. Very often, they combine Hub Planner with their favorite apps that would leverage their workflow into one. And we are not surprised at all! [...]

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is one of the most awaited celebrations of the year and our entire Hub Planner team would like to take a moment to wish all of you, who have been on their scheduling journey with us, a memorable and peaceful Christmas holidays filled with love, joy and happy times with your families and friends.  Merry Christmas from [...]

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New Scheduler Booking Filters

New Scheduler Booking Filters Do you find yourself losing track of all your scheduled projects and events that appear on your scheduler? From about 50 scheduled projects and events, you are likely to see a mixed view of active, pending, archived or maybe just planned projects besides all your upcoming events. This is helpful if [...]

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New Time Tracking From Your Mobile With Timesheets, And Find Available Resources On The Go! Hub Planner

New Time Tracking From Your Mobile With Timesheets Hub Planner’s mobile web app has been going through several amazing updates in the last few months. One of the most meaningful updates is undoubtedly, the integration of Time Tracking with the addition of Timesheets, taking your mobile scheduling to the next level. Timesheets are an [...]

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Boosted Reporting Performance

  Hub Planner’s reporting is one of the most powerful and dynamic solutions for resource planning, and a core function customers rely on to generate and output data. Resource and Project Reports are generated based on the Scheduled and Timesheet data which you can additionally filter and group as you like. We have been working [...]

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Date Format Update

Let’s schedule a booking for the 11/10. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? But do you mean the 11th October or 10th November? Very likely, the interpretation of the date format will depend on which country you come from. To minimize the confusion between multinational teams and their different interpretations, we unified the date format into [...]

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New Scheduler Print, Download and Export Data

Our scheduler is several features richer! We have implemented several new features to our Scheduler Toolbar, which will assist you in keeping your work flow smooth. Scheduler Print, Download and Export Data The new features are located just above the scheduler in a new button, and offer you three pretty handy choices: [...]

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Upgraded: iCal Feed and Updated Repeat Feature

A few nice features have gone live lately, and we would like to introduce you the new functions. The spotlight of improvement was this time on the iCal Feed and Repeat Booking feature. iCal Feed Our iCal Feed feature has been through a little upgrade. The feature has been improved by integrating Notes [...]

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