We caught up with Swedish design company Fika Town to find out how they have been using Hub Planner to maximise their workflow and plan and schedule their resources. Here is what we found out…

What resource planning challenges were you facing before using Hub Planner?

We had a big problem internally seeing the bigger picture and understanding what our resources were spending their time on, what new business we could take on and who was available. We spent a lot of time maintaining an Excel spreadsheet for our resource planning, but keeping it clean and up-to-date became far too time consuming and an inefficient use of our production time.

What made you decide to use Hub Planner?

Once we found Hub Planner, the choice was quite simple. We fell in love with the tool from Day 1 and have not looked back. The deciding factors were clear and obvious but having a centralised service do all the heavy lifting, while providing us with a clear and concise overview of what our resources were working on was fantastic! We could now start to generate reports which were not possible before and really get a realistic idea of how efficient we were as a business.

What features have helped your business the most?

The bookings grid and reports have probably helped us the most succeed as a business. The bookings grid is incredibly user friendly and intuitive, so the learning curve was very short. We found ourselves easily being able to move people around in projects, focus in on one department at a time and easily get a birds eye view of the entire company which is what we lacked before. This ability alone gave us the power to make quick and informative decisions instead of scrambling to find out who was available via an over-engineered Excel Spreadsheet. From the management standpoint the reporting functionality of Hub Planner has really given the Finance and Business Team something to look at. We most appreciate the flexibility to be able to create any report type which gives us valuable insight into how we are actually doing as a business.

What was your implementation process like?

I first went through the evaluation period and during that time we migrated over all of our data from the Excel sheet into Hub Planner. The import procedure was really fast but we decided to maintain the 2 systems for a couple of weeks to make sure both system were up-to-date and accurate. This was a business choice from our management so if things did not work out I would have a working spreadsheet to fall back on. Gladly they did and that Excel sheet is now binned.

What results have you seen since adopting Hub Planner?

Our team is certainly more aware of what is going on, what’s in the pipeline and what they should be focused on. As a business we have much clearer insight into what new business we can take on, if we are understaffed, who has availability and how we are doing financially on projects.

What advice do you have for other businesses considering Hub Planner?

I would simply say to give it a go! The service will save you time and money and take the stress out of your resource planning both from the team and managers perspective.

Any other resource planning wisdom you would like to share?

A happy team is one that is planned well and understand what they need to work on and when. Take the mystery out of planning your people.