Holiday wishes from Hub Planner, the leading resource mangement software.

What’s on your resource management wish list this year? Firstly, it’s always important to take a moment to wish all our colleagues and customers a wonderful festive holiday. Here’s to you, and your nearest & dearest, for a peaceful, healthy holiday and new year.

Resource Management wish list – what’s done so far?

Our team of development elves have been busy this year, building lots of new features from the resource management wish list for all Hub Planner customers to enjoy. From a new audit log helping teams to track changes made within the schedule. (Think of it as a Santa tracker!)

To a new version of Timesheets We’ve made timesheets even easier and better for teams to track their project and resource time. We also introduced the ability to capture non billable work on projects, resources, bookings and time entries too. These are just a few of the features the Hub Planner elf team delivered this year. Why not check out the newly delivered features list. In fact, make sure to check it twice! ;)

What’s next on the resource management wish list for Hub Planner?

So what’s next on the resource management wish list I hear you say? Our team of development elves are very eager for next year. Do you want a sneak peak at what’s on the wish list for next year? So far, on the wish list we have a newly upgraded scheduler packed with new features and updates.

Every feature on the new scheduler has been carefully constructed to empower teams to better manage their people and projects. We’re going that extra mile to ensure you will be much better at resource scheduling and project planning. The new Hub Planner scheduler will have new smart features to capacity planning, resource allocation and pipeline forecasting.

Hub Planner New Schedule

Some more from the wish list? How about MFA? In addition to SSO and other security access measures, we will look to introduce MFA to the suite of security login options. We also have Expenses on the wish list too. Expenses will be a huge enhancement across so many aspects of Hub Planner. Incorporating project and resource costs, budgets, billing and profitability. There will be invaluable analytics detailed within powerful reports and tracking timesheets data. All in real time. Check out the Hub Planner current wish list roadmap of what’s due for release very soon and throughout the coming year.

What’s on your Resource Management Wish list?

The vast majority of feature enhancements and new releases come from you, the customer. So what’s on your resource management wish list? What features would you like to see next in Hub Planner? How can we better your resource management and project scheduling experience? Customers have access to our Hub Planner community forum allowing you to submit feature requests. Not only that, you have the ability to up vote and comment on other features submitted by other customers.

Thank You!

Lastly, we wish to thank all our customers for their continued support over the years. Thank you for making Hub Planner bigger and better every year. We’re very proud of Hub Planner and will continue to make resource management, time tracking and project scheduling the leading software on the market.

Wishing you and your nearest and dearest, a wonderful festive holiday season and peaceful new year.

From all the team at Hub Planner 


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