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The Hub Planner Webinar

Join the Hub Planner Webinar to get a high level overview on how to use Hub Planner in the best way possible. You will also learn how your team can benefit from using Hub Planner’s most powerful resource management features on offer. The Hub Planner webinar will cover how to get started, and a general features overview. We will demonstrate the best practices and how to be most efficient at Resource Scheduling, Project Planning, Resource Allocation, Capacity Planning, using Timesheets and Reports. Each session also includes a 10 minute Q&A at the end. Join us as we show you how to manage your team in the most efficient way possible using Hub Planner’s robust features.

Save your Seat!

To save your seat, please register here: Hub Planner Webinar, and feel free to share it with your friends.

Time & Date?

The Hub Planner webinar will run every Wednesday at the following times:

City Timezone Local Time
San Francisco PST 10:00
Houston CST 12:00
New York EST 13:00
London GMT 17:00
Stockholm CET 18:00

What if this time doesn’t suit me?

That’s ok. No problem, you can schedule your own one to one demo of Hub Planner via this link: Hub Planner Demo

Who is the Webinar for?

Everyone! Mainly suited to those who are perhaps trialling Hub Planner out on the free trial. Also for new customers, who are looking for an overview of how to use Hub Planner in more details. The webinar might also suit long term customers who have new joiners to their team and would benefit from an introduction to Hub Planner. Hub Planner Webinar

Can I forward the invite to my colleagues?

For sure, absolutely. They can also register here: Hub Planner Webinar

Is there a Q&A

Yes, there will be time for a 10 min Q&A at the end of the webinar. We will always have time for any questions you may have outside of the webinar too. You can always reach out to us via right now for immediate help. We also have a CHAT to the bottom right on this page too.

How long is the Hub Planner Webinar?

30 minutes.

Do we use Zoom or Teams?


How do I join?

You can join by clicking the button / Link. From there you will be taken to Calendy with the current month view. From there, select any Wednesday that works for you. Then click the time option. Enter your name and email address so we can send the zoom invite to you. Also if you wish, add some more details about you, your team that will help us help you on the webinar.


Step by Step – How to Join a Hub Planner Webinar

  1. Click Link
  2. Pick Date
  3. Choose Time
  4. Confirm
  5. Enter Name & Email (required to send you the zoom invitation)
    How big is your team?
  6. Have you signed up for a trial?
  7. Why did sign up?
  8. How did you hear about Hub Planner
  9. Send text messages to

I need more time, I have more questions about Hub Planner.

Sure thing, give us a quick message here via or if you wish to schedule your own one to one you can do so right here: Schedule Call with Hub Planner

Why do Hub Planner have webinars?

Hub Planner runs weekly webinars for new and existing customers to help them with getting started with Hub Planner.

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