The account settings page lets you administer the following settings.

  • Company Logo
  • Company name
  • Compnay URL (
  • Account Owner
  • Day Starts / Ends Time
  • Lunch Starts / End Time
  • Day Grid Spacing
  • Default Billing Rate
  • Default Currency
  • Enable iCalendar Subscription

Company Logo

A square image of you company logo. It will appear on your settings pages.

Company name

Your company name. It will appear in the global header and Settings Pages.

Compnay URL (

You can edit the URL you have chosen on signup. If a URL is not available we will tell you when you try and choose it.

Account Owner

There is only 1 account owner. This person has all rights to the platform.

Day Starts / Ends Time

Choose your start and end time of the Scheduler Bookings Grid. This will help set up how your grid is rendered and what is used as the default capacity.

Lunch Starts / End Time

You can include a lunch offset which is useful if you want to not count time towards reports.

Day Grid Spacing

You have the option of choosing between 30 minutes and 1 hours spacing when viewing in hourly mode.

Default Billing Rate

The default billing rate

Default Currency

The default currency.

Enable iCalendar Subscription

Enabling will allow your team to subscribe to their bookings .ics file. This can allow you to view bookings in your local calendar such as Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar for example. You can visit roles to set the permissions on a role level.