Custom Fields needs to be activated first before it can be used.

There are a couple of items to check to make sure it is running correctly.

  1. The Extension Must be Installed
  2. Custom Fields Must be Enabled

The Custom Fields Extension must be Installed.

The Custom Fields Extension is a Hub Planner extension which adds significant Enterprise level features to the Hub Planner Projects and Resources fields. To try out the extension or install it do the following.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Manage Extensions from the Sidebar
  • Find the Custom Fields Extension and then choose between Project or Resource Fields.

Custom Fields Must be Enabled

You need to make sure that Approval is enabled on Projects. To do this:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Custom Fields from the Sidebar.
  • Choose Project Custom Fields
  • Make sure it is checked to “enable”
  • Press Save
  • Choose Resource Custom Fields from the sidebar
  • Make sure it is checked to “enable”
  • Press Save

Where will Custom Fields Show?

When you are done setting up your Project and Resource Custom fields, they will show in the editing modal for the Project and Resource. You can name the tab what you like and by default it is called “Custom Fields”. All of the fields in the order you set them will appear in these places.