Create Bookings

The methods are very similar for events or Projects. This process describes the project bookings, but see Event Section further down for event specifics.

Make the Selection

  • Once you login navigate to the scheduler bookings grid you want
  • Click on the cell in that grid where you want to add booking. Horizontal is the resource reference and vertical is the date reference
  • Once you choose the individual cell or range of cells you want to make a booking  on, the cells will change color to light blue with three-dotted sign to indicate selection
  • Then simply select “Add Project” or “Select Booking”

Choose How to Add

Once you have made the selection you can choose one of the following methods to add a project booking, both are very similar:

  • Right Click Menu
  • Simple click followed by a click on a three-dotted sign
  • Choose “Add Booking” from tools

To create a booking for Projects

You first need to navigate to your Project’s scheduling grid:

  • Right click or click on a cell that suits best for your booking, three-dotted sign will appear
  • Select “Schedule Project”  
  • Subsequently select the Project’s information from the options given


Create Booking for Resources

To create Bookings for Resources is similar to Projects:

  • Navigate to your resource’s scheduling grid
  • Right click or click on a booking cell and its three-dotted sign
  • Select “Book Selection” or “Schedule Project”


Adding Event Bookings

Adding event bookings is very similar to projects, except you do not have a grouped menu when adding them.