Create Bookings

The methods are very similar for events or Projects. This process describes the project bookings, but see Event Section further down for event specifics.

Make the Selection

  • Once you login navigate to the scheduler bookings grid you want
  • Click on the cell in that grid where you want to add booking. Horizontal is the resource reference and vertical is the date reference
  • Once you choose the individual cell or range of cells you want to make a booking  on, the cells will change color to light blue with three-dotted sign to indicate selection
  • Then simply select “Schedule Resource”. Select your resource and confirm by clicking “Schedule Resource”

Choose How to Add

Once you have made the selection you can choose one of the following methods to add a project booking, both are very similar:

  • Right Click Menu
  • Simple click followed by a click on a three-dotted sign

  • Choose “Schedule” from tools

To create a booking for Projects

You first need to navigate to your Project’s scheduling grid:

  • Right click or click on a cell that suits best for your booking, three-dotted sign will appear
  • Select “Schedule Project”  
  • Subsequently select the Project’s information from the options given

Hub Planner - Creating Bookings

Create Booking for Resources

To create Bookings for Resources is similar to Projects:

  • Choose “Schedule” from tools

  • Right click or click on a booking cell and its three-dotted sign
  • Select “Book Selection” or “Schedule Project”

Hub Planner - Creating Booking

Adding Event Bookings

Adding event bookings is very similar to projects, except you do not have a grouped menu when adding them.

Creating a Repeated Booking 

When creating a booking, you have the option to create it as a ‘repeat booking’ where you can choose the interval and frequency you wish.

  • Navigate to your scheduler and select the cells where you want to make a booking

  • Click the three-dotted sign and click on the ‘Repeat’ option from the selection

  • This will open more options, where you can specify the interval and frequency of the booking as well as color of the booking

Edit a Repeated Booking

  • Click on the repeated booking you want to edit first and then click on the three-dotted sign

  • Select ‘Edit’ from the options and ‘Edit Booking’

  • Edit as you wish and then select whether you want to apply the changes made on only the one single booking or all repeated bookings by clicking ‘Update Booking’ or ‘Update All’

Delete a Repeated Booking

  • To delete a repeated booking, follow the steps described above to ‘Edit Booking’

  • In the pop-up modal, in the left bottom corner is a red trash icon, click the icon and click ‘Delete Booking’

  • After that, you will be given the options to choose if you want to  ‘Cancel’, ‘Delete All’, ‘Delete All Future’ or ‘Delete This’