Every booking can be manipulated in a number of ways. The following is a breakdown of the different options you can preform.

Booking Menu or Right Click Booking Menu

Cut Booking

Removes the booking from the interface and copies it to the clipboard for pasting.

Copy Booking

Copies the booking to the clipboard.

Delete Booking

Deletes the booking.

Duplicate Booking

Duplicates the booking on the same resource.

Edit Title

By default each booking gets the name of the Project or Event. This option allows you to edit and override that title.


Specify start and end date of  booking. You can also use the Repeat function and select how many times on either daily, weekly or monthly basis should the booking be repeated. Select a color for your booking here too.


Adjust what type of allocation you want to use for this booking. Default is set up via settings.


Here you can split one booking. By clicking at the button you will get a calendar where you can select the split dates.

Reassign Booking

Move this booking to another resource.


Clicking ‘Edit Note’ displays a modal where you can add/edit a note for that particular booking. Once a note is added a small note icon appears in the booking beside the title. Please make sure to check your settings about who can view notes.

You have also the option to click ‘Note Sidebar’ which will open a sidebar where you can read, enter, edit or delete notes for that particular bookings and to it related project and resource.


Create a checklist of tasks for this booking.


By default the general category will be used for all new bookings. You can quickly reassign the booking to a new category using this option.


Quickly generate reports for this booking.


Opens the edit modal to edit the project this booking belongs to. See “Booking Settings” for more details. 

Perfect For: The Scheduler bookings grid is perfect for those Monday Morning Meetings or Friday Evening wrap ups to see how the week ahead looks and how the current week went. Everyone can easily digest where the gaps are in production within a few glances at the schedule.