By clicking on the three-dotted sign on your selected booking, choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Edit Booking’. You will be navigated to a pop-up modal where you can edit several information.

In the Booking Settings modal, you can specify:

  • General Settings
  • Booking Tasks
  • Custom Fields
  • Notes & Links

Hub Planner - Booking Settings

General Settings

In General Settings you can enter and specify the following information:

  • Here you can select or change a project
  • Specify the Start and End date of a project
  • Specify the Booking Repeat and how many times the booking should repeat
  • Select Allocation
  • Choose Custom Booking Color for a project or an individual booking
  • Define a Booking Category
Using this method books the resource a % of their availability each day. For example: If a user has a default capacity of 8hrs /day and you book them, 50% then the would be reported for 4hrs/day.
Using percentage can be useful when you want resources to spread out their time over different bookings.

Hours / Day
You can book a resource by setting their hours/day for that particular booking. This is always set to the default.

Total Hours
This can be used if your booking is scoped out at 20 hours for example. You enter 20 hours into the total and the hours/day is dynamically calculated based on the start and end dates.

Tip: Allocation Explained

Booking Task Checklist

Here you can create a checklist tasks for an individual booking.

Customs Fields

Create your own custom field that help you best associate a booking with a resource.

You can use whatever suits you most, such as location, specific skills, role etc.

Notes and Links

Enter a note to a booking and/or links that link to other softwares.