We have created a very intuitive interface for creating and managing your Resource and Project Custom Fields. The interface is a drag and drop system to help you easily reorder the fields how you like. You can pick from the pre-defined input types and set up your parameters and defaults as you wish. All settings can be found under your Settings page.

Adding a Custom Field

The following steps are for adding a Text Input custom field.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Custom Fields from the sidebar
  • Choose weather you want to create a Project or Resource Custom Field
  • From the Custom Field Page, Choose “Add New Field”.
  • A new Custom Field Pod will get added below.
  • Click the Pod to start editing it.
  • Choose a Field Label
  • Choose a Field Type (Text)
  • Choose Field Instructions
  • Set a Default Value
  • Include any Placeholder Text
  • Restrict with a Character Limit

When Done press “Save” at the top of the page.

The steps above can be repeated to add different field types.

Reordering Custom Fields

To reorder the custom fields so they render in the order you want them to appear, simply drag and drop the pods to the position you want them to appear. The position number is rendered to the left of each pod to give you an idea where it will appear in the modals.

Renaming Custom Field Tab

At the top of the page there is an Input field which gives you the opportunity to rename the title of the tab which will appear in the modal. Simply name this what you would like and press Save. Default name is Custom Fields.

Duplicate a Custom Field

You can duplicate a custom field by pressing on the “Duplicate” link just below the Field name. This will make an exact copy of the custom field and add it below.

Deleting a Custom Field

If you no longer want a custom field to appear, you can delete it by press on the “Delete” link just below the Field Name in the Custom Field Pod you want to delete. Once deleted it will be removed from the modal.