To edit already existing Booking

It is very similar to editing projects or resources. Follow the steps below:

  • Right click or simply click on a booking you want to change
  • Three-dotted sign appears, click on the dots
  • From the selection, choose “Edit” and then “Edit Booking”
  • You will be redirected to a pop up modal “Booking Settings” where you can edit the booking’s information

Hub Planner - Edit

For more details about editing specific information, see our “Booking Settings” and “Booking Options” sections in the Reference Guide. 

Update Booking vs. Update All

If the booking you want to edit is a repeated booking, you have the option to edit and update either all bookings from a selected project or only a single booking within a project.


Resizing Bookings

You can drag either the left or right edge of a booking to expand out the duration of that booking.