Timesheets comes with a range of graphs and charts to represent your weekly data. You can quickly toggle on and off these charts using the hide/show button located top left. This choice is saved for you.

Switching Chart Types

The following charts are available in timesheets

  • Line
  • bar
  • Pie
  • Polar
  • Radar

They show 2 trend lines for Actual and Booked/Scheduled time.

To switch between the charts, use the buttons located below the chart.

Chart Data Updated Real Time

The charts are updated real time. When you enter any information into the timesheets table, the chart immediately reacts to the figures you have entered.

Arrow Indicators

There are small arrow indicators located beside each of the total rows (Last columns) to indicate whether you have reported.

  • Less time than Scheduled
  • More time than Scheduled
  • Exact time that has been Scheduled.