Lock / Unlock Time Entries

Locking time can be done on an individual time entry basis. This provides you with maximum flexibility to lock down small blocks of time from being edited.

Once a time entry is locked, it can no longer be edited by a user in timesheets. An Admin or Project Manager can unlock it for a user if edits are needed to be made.

In the Approval Table you will see a “Lock” column with a toggle slider button. Clicking this toggles the lock status of the time entry.

Locking an Entire Project

You have the option to lock down time submission on an entire project. To do this

  • Edit the Project
  • Choose Timesheets from the left menu
  • Choose to “Lock All Time Entries”

Once locked, all time entries will be locked on this project. As an Admin or Project Manager you can still unlock individual time entries for a user if edits are needed to be made.

Auto Lock Time Entry

There are built in defaults which auto-lock time entries based on on changing status. You can set any status to become locked once you change state.

For example, when Approving a Pending time entry, it will automatically get locked to prevent the user from further editing it.

These settings are managed from Settings -> Timesheets page.

Locked Time Entries in Reports

Locked time entries can be filtered in reports by

Bulk Lock Time Entries

In the approval table you have the option to bulk edit all time entries.

  • Use the checkbox top left to select all or select the time entries you want to edit.
  • Now click the bulk edit dropdown above the table.
  • Choose to Lock or Unlock your selection
  • Click Apply