Manage Resources

Manage Resources Page displays an overview of your entire teams of people. 

You can access this page from your Settings located in Tools. Then just click ‘Manage Resources from the left sidebar.

Use this page to manage your company’s resources. You can quickly: 

  • Filter the Resource list
  • Search by Resource Name
  • Sort the list
  • Add New Resources

Clicking a resource will open the edit modal allowing to you to edit their information.

Hub Planner - Manage Resources

Quick Tools

Quick tools are located in each resource menu under the black arrow button. It allows you to:

  • Edit Resource
  • Resend Invite Email
  • Send Reset Pass Email
  • Delete Resource
  • Go to Timesheet
  • Go to Bookings
  • Generate Report

Filter, Search & Sort

Located just above the manage resources grid.


FIlter / Search / Sort: Use this option to narrow down the people you are trying to find.

Using the Match All will perform an AND match and everything you select must match. Using an ANY match will act like OR logic and match any of what you choose. This way you can create a broader or more narrow search.