Project Dates

If you know the start and end dates of your project, you can enter them in here:

  • In the left Sidebar, click on the arrow next to your project and go to “Edit”
  • In the General Settings modal, select “Milestones and Dates”

  • Check the box “Set Start and End Dates”


Checking the box will display a marker on the grid so you can visually see the start and end dates associated with this project.

Right Click Booking

You can also enter your Start and End Dates by a right click booking: 

  • Right click on a cell within your Project
  • Then simply select “Start/End Dates” and add your dates

Add Phases

You can also set phases for your projects. You can do it absolutely the same way as adding ‘Milestones’ and ‘Start and End Dates’ via the General Settings modal or via ‘right click a booking’ or a ‘right click an empty cell or selection of cells’, where you want to schedule. From the modals given, you then just select ‘Add Phase’.

You will be able to: name the phase, choose start and end dates, pick a repeat function and select a colour for the phase.