At the top of the scheduler bookings grid there is a search filter bar. Use this bar to quickly filter out the bookings you are viewing. The filtering happens real time.

You can customize your search filter settings by choosing between ‘ALL’ (match all selected criterions) or ‘ANY’ (match any of the selected criterions) option. You can find this settings right to the orange arrow dropdown in the search field. The filter can accept multiple filters at once. The possible filter categories are:

  • Resource Name
  • Resource Role
  • Resource Tag
  • Resource Custom Fields


Hub Planner Search Filter

Applying a Filter

You can either type directly into the search bar, and smart suggestions will appear in a dropdown, or click the arrow to the left where you can check what filter options would like to apply.

Perfect For: The Scheduler bookings grid is perfect for those Monday Morning Meetings or Friday Evening wrap ups to see how the week ahead looks and how the current week went. Everyone can easily digest where the gaps are in production within a few glances at the schedule.