The Hub Planner grid has a fluid scrolling mechanism which allows you to seamlessly scroll bookings up and down your company without having to rely on a fixed next or previous button. The easiest way to scroll horizontally and vertically through Hub Planner is to use the Mouse Scroller. If you have a mac mouse or trackpad you can easily scroll by swiping your finger.

Depending on your browser version, and operating system you may a scrollbar always visible which you can drag to scroll if you wish.


The Hub Planner scheduler always loads to “Today” to give you the current picture of your business. We load data left and right of today giving you the flexibility to quickly scroll left and right in time.

You can use the datepicker tool to jump forward or backwards to a specific date in the scheduler view.

End of Scroll

If you reach the end point of data left or right, you will be presented with an option to “Load More Data”. This is there in order to maintain performance.


Hub Planner allows you to scale and book project in multiple timeline scales. They are

  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

You can also view the bookings grid in fixed sections such as

  • This Week
  • This Month

Hub Planner will remember your choice locally on your machine for the zoom option you choose. So if you always want to work in the “This Week” view, then just set it once and each time you load the Scheduler Bookings Grid we will load This Week of data for you.

Perfect For: The Scheduler bookings grid is perfect for those Monday Morning Meetings or Friday Evening wrap ups to see how the week ahead looks and how the current week went. Everyone can easily digest where the gaps are in production within a few glances at the schedule.