The scheduler sidebar located in the bookings grid can be used to both organise and group your projects and resources, as well as navigate to individual projects or groups.

Sidebar Split

The sidebar is split into 2 main sections which are separated by tabs at the top of the sidebar. By default this is projects and resources.

The Projects sidebar will contain all of your projects, and project groups, while the resources sidebar will contain all of your resources and resource groups.


The sidebar is made up of groups. Each group contains projects or resources. You can add as many as you like to each group and name them as you like. Groups can be used in reports later on.

Viewing a Single Group

At the top of each group is a button which says “All Group Bookings”. This can be used to generate a grid of data which will only show data that is in this group. This can be useful when you want to view just a single group at a time.

For example, you could have groups with

  • Resource Departments (e.g. Finance, Production)
  • Resource Skills (e.g. Designers, Developers)
  • Resource Locations (e.g. Sweden, New York)
  • Project by Client (e.g. Hub Planner, MTV)
  • Project Types (e.g. Campaign, Retainer)

Using groups is essentially like a tagging system for you to organise your projects and resources into buckets.