The timesheets sidebar has different permission settings. For a Team member with no manage rights they will just see their own projects. If you have the Project Manager Extension added, then any resource who is a Project Manager will also see an additional group of projects they manage.

The sidebar is broken down into groups and mainly used as a navigation piece for managers to look at a team’s time. The groups are as follows:

  • Profile Group
  • My Projects
  • Resources
  • Projects
  • Resource Groups
  • Tools | Options
  • Help

Profile Group

This group displays your profile image, name and the amount of hours you have reported this week total. It is also used as a home button for your own timesheets page.

My Projects

The My Projects group can consist of two sets of data.

  • Managed Projects
  • Projects I am part of

Managed Projects

If you have the Project Manager Extension activated and you are a Project Manager of a project, that project will appear in this group for easy access.

Projects I am Part of

This is a list of all projects you are part of. You do not necessarily need to be booked on those projects at this point in time but you have been added to those projects.


This is a two level group of first resource groups and then individual resources. This allows you to view one resource at a time.


This is a two level group of first project groups and then individual projects. This allows you to view one project of resources at a time.

Resource Groups

This group list out all resource groups. You can view all resources within a group by clicking one of the groups.


The following configuration options are available

  • Display Booked Time
  • Display Filter
  • Hide Resources with no booked time
  • Hide Projects and Events with no booked and Actual time.

Display Booked Time

Checking this box displays a small box to the top left of projects and resources, displaying the booked/scheduled time for that day.

Display Filter

Allows you to toggle on and off the search filter.

Hide Resources with No Booked Time

Checking this will hide resources with no booked time for the week you are looking at. This is useful when looking at groups of resources together and filters out those not scheduled.

Hide Projects and Events with no booked and Actual time.

This hides projects under a resource when they have no Booked And Actual time recorded on them.


The following help options are available

  • Timesheets Tour
  • Timesheets color guide
  • Timesheets workflow guide
  • Timesheets FAQ

Manage Tab

You need to have the approval workflow extension activated to view this tab.