Resource Utilization is an important metric for any organization and one of Hub Planners most used templates. The report gives you an overview of how well your team is being utilized and scheduled over a date range.

Loading Utilisation Template

From the reports sidebar, click

  • Report Templates
  • Resource Reports
  • Resource Utilization

Utilization Report Columns

The report has the following columns

  • Date
  • Event Time
  • Booked Time
  • Project Name
  • Available Time
  • Overbooked Time
  • Utilisation
  • Resource Capacity


Each day has report data. If there is no report data then the day will still be shown with 0 booked / event time. i.e. 0% Utilized.

Event Time

Time scheduled on events. (Vacation etc)

Booked Time

Time scheduled on Projects.

Project Name

The name of the project / event you are scheduled on.

Available Time

The time available = Resource Capacity – (Event time + Booked Time)

Overbooked Time

Displays the amount of hours a resource is overbooked their capacity.


Based on a resource availability, capacity and scheduled time we can calculate their utilization percentage.

Resource Capacity

This is the daily capacity of a resource.