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When we built Hub Planner we wanted to create a visually stunning tool which helped Producers and Project Managers working in the digital world to plan their teams of people. An additional requirement from the beginning was to make the product industry agnostic so not only can Digital Producers take advantage of modern planning tools, but anyone who needs to plan people on a project basis can, regardless of what industry they belong to!

Hub Planning Template

Using Industry Planning Templates

When you first sign up to Hub Planner you can choose a resource planning template which is set for your industry. We don’t know exactly how you run your business so we created a few templates with keywords we feel are appropriate for that industry. Human Resources, Retail and the Commercial Industry are a few examples. Each planning template automatically sets the industry keywords in your Hub Planner tool.


What are Industry Keywords?

Industry Keywords are what we use to split up what you want to schedule. We use two keywords. The First Keyword is usually WHAT you want to be book and the Second Keyword is WHO you are going to be booking.

For example: Projects | Employees. I want to book Projects for Employees.

If none of our suggestions suit your industry can easily choose the “can’t find your industry” link to custom set any keywords you like to suit your business. Of course none of this is a life or death decision and you can tweak and modify your keywords at anytime once you are logged in.

You can now plan resources and people in any industry with Hub Planner.