Resource Rate

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Resource Rates

A Resource Rate an be set should one or indeed a team of your resources have their own indicative rate.  For example, there are many levels of resources within a project such as ‘Developer’ and subsequently ‘Senior Developer’ all of which will contain various salary scales.  By setting a Resource Rate allows you to keep track of their rates with accordance to your scheduling and budget spend.

You can apply a Resource Rate from your Billing Rate Card that you may have set up previously or customize one by adding a new rate.  Utilized separately for both External and Internal capacities you also have the ability to select a range of dates to apply your desired resource rate with a number of alternatives to customize the stating / finishing date or simply no date range.  The Resource Rate will override the rate for any project rate allocated. To manage the rates of a resource you need to navigate to the resources profile and click on Rates Management.  Your options will include the following:

  • External Resource Rate – Apply an existing rate from your Billing Rate Card
  • Add New External Rate – Create a new customized rate for a resource to bill externally / Apply an existing rate for a particular booking or date range
  • Internal Resource Rate – Apply an existing rate from your Billing Rate Card
  • Add New Internal Rate – Create a new customized rate for a resource to bill internally / Apply an existing rate for a particular booking or date range

How to Apply A Resource Rate

To apply an external or internal resource rate, simply click on the first tab ‘Search for Rate’.  A drop down list will appear with the rates that are existing in your Billing Rate Card .   You can select a rate from here or scroll on down to ‘Add New Internal Rate’ to create a customized rate.  The rate selected will be the external and internal billing rates respectively that will appear in your Billing Panel.

Defaulted to no start and no end date you have the option to select a date range for the resource rate to apply.  Alternatively you can also set a start date and leave an end date open and visa versa. For example a specific booking or project.  The Resource rate can be overridden at project level. Click ‘Update’ and the bottom of the page to apply.

Resource Rates will act as a default rate for all projects unless a Project/Booking Rate is applied.   Should you utilize applying rates for budgetary requirements, it would be imperative for you to apply an ‘Internal Rate’ to ensure coincide with the ‘External Rate’.

Lastly, you must confirm by clicking on the green ‘Update’ button or alternatively click Cancel to delete any changes.

Remove Resource Rates

And again, not forgetting you can delete an applied resource rate at this point should you need to.  Alternatively you can manage your rates via the Billing Rate Card in Settings.

Preserving and Changing Resource Rates

You can add new resource rates on projects if they change. This allows you to change the rate of a resource during a project without losing the historical information on the legacy rate. This can be useful if you change what you are billing a customer in the middle of a project, or if a resource or freelancer now change their rate, you can accommodate the change seamlessly.

These rates can be applied externally, internally or indeed both.  Therefore, for example should you need to amend the rate solely on the internal side without exposure on the external side then that can be solved immediately.   You can instruct as many rates as required, however just to note that no rates can overlap by date range.  You can also remove resource rates should you require to do so at this point.

All rates created will be stored permanently within your Billing Rate Card for future use.  It’s good to note here that these will be the overriding rates giving priority over any other rates applied or defaulted to the project or resource.   This rate will act as the External and Internal billing rate that will appear in your Billing Panel view.

Add New Resource Rate

At this point you also have the ability to create a new rate for a particular resource or indeed a number of resources that are working on this project.

To apply, simply click ‘Add a New Custom External Rate’ / ‘Add a New Custom Internal Rate’.  Two tabs will appear for you to select your resource from the drop down list followed by your desired rate.  You can add multiple resources and multiple rates, and just to note this rate will override any project rates set out above.  Also, not forgetting you can always manage these rates accordingly from this page or by editing the individual resource.