About our Resource Management Tool

Hub Planner AB is a resource management company located in Stockholm, Sweden. We help clients globally manage their resources by providing a SaaS hosted resource scheduling solution. Hub Planner is the result of over 15 years of digital management experience and is helping businesses move from spreadsheets or over complicated software to a real resource planning tool.

We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

We are centrally located in the center of Stockholm City. Our offices are located on the 3rd floor of the KG8 building. Our environment is a clean open working space with some small office pockets. There is a social vibe around our floor as the office space has other cool companies sharing the kitchens.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Stockholm City

Kungsgatan 8, Stockholm, Sweden
Email: hello@hubplanner.com
Web: https://hubplanner.com

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Hub Planner is Built On

Hours of Development
Cups of Steaming Coffee
Years of Management Experience

A Word from the Founders

We have a wealth of experience in managing contractors, small to big teams and entire organizations. Achieving a birds-eye-view of an organizations resources is a requirement for any type of management team looking to understand their short and long term resource availability. With Hub Planner we set out to achieve this by creating a cutting-edge tool allowing producers, managers and pretty much anyone overseeing staff in any industry to take control of their resource planning efficiently.

Stephen Martin

CEO, Founder

After managing global teams of people, I always struggled to find an smart solution and tried to solve resource planning issues with smart Excel sheets and hands on solutions. With a lack of software available, I always envisioned how I could easily solve these day-to-day issues and incorporate all my experience into one clever sophisticated tool! The result is Hub Planner.