Resource Management built for teams.

Hub Planner makes the challenge of managing teams a breeze with an intuitive and easy to use resource management software providing a real time birds eye view of your entire team at a glance.

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Solving the biggest challenge in Resource Management?

A resource management software like Hub Planner can help you and your team to save time in maintaining a solution and create transparency in the team. We help companies solve their most common resource management issues.

  • Find resources based on availability.

  • Be able to plan pipeline work.

  • Finding people or team based on requirements such as skills.

  • Understand how Budget impacts on planning while planning.

  • Visualise vacations, PTO, annual leave and what is planned ahead

  • Plan non project related work such as vacation or meetings.

Key features for resource management:

The top used features for resource management.

Instant availability insights

Find who’s available. Filter the schedule and return results based on the availability required.

Team transparency

Maximize your team’s utilization and availability transparency. Quickly identify any gaps in the schedule, fill them new project work.

Target date range

Select from pre formatted options or customize a date range for a real time view of resource availability or utilization rates in the schedule.

Filter Teams by Utilization

Quick measure team performance. Anyone over scheduled this week? Do you have people that can be allocated more tasks?

Built in templates

At the click of a button. Quick access pre-formatted templates to check for availability and utilization of the team.

Seamless integration

Use the builder to combine with smart schedules, custom fields and smart groups for the ultimate smart scheduling experience.

An incredibly well-designed and user-friendly product to plan efficiently, from everywhere!

Hub Planner is a great visual tool to easily plan your capacity and make quick decisions. The user-interface is extremely well-designed and easy to use. The search (filter bar) capabilities to sort through your resource pool and look for a specific set of skills is my all-time favorite!


Julie Gobeil, Averna

Global Planning Manager

Moving from spreadsheet planning to Hub Planner was incredibly easy to set up & implement & roll-out

Easy planning features that can be viewed through project, resource group or other lenses is powerful. The help guides are detailed & comprehensive, but if they don’t provide the answers, the support team are fantastic & responsive, providing a fast & efficient resolution to any problems or questions.



Automotive, 501-1,000 employees

Simply filter available resources for your time period.

Use the capacity finder to reduce 1000’s of team members based on their availability!

Resource Management FAQ.

A few questions you may have for us about resource management.

Absolutley. Spreadsheets are a great tool for getting started to put together a simple enough plan to manage a small studio or team of people. Most spreadsheets implode pretty quickly as you begin to grow or want to take your resource management to the next level. We support many import tools for Hub Planner which allow you to take your spreadsheet into Hub Planner from a spreadsheet format. Of course each spreadsheet is customer so our team are here to help and advise you should not need some custom support in onboarding.

Resource management is the bigger picture when it comes to managing and scheduling your companies resources. Companies require an easy way to get thats birds eye view of what their team is scheduled on, who is over or under utilised, who is is available and understand quickly the possibilities of taking on new work for the company. With a resource management solution like Hub Planner, components such as resource scheduling and vacation and annual leave requesting make it possible for companies to get that macro picture of exactly how their teams are being used across different departments.

Resource management can help provide more transparency in the schedule and less frustrations about not having the bigger picture to make decision making. Some of the main attractions of using a resource management tool like Hub Planner are:

  • Finding out quickly who is available.
  • Using requirements like skills to filter through departments and teams.
  • Forecasting if you can take on work or not.
  • Trigger growth signals to Human Resources you need to hire when the demand is too high.
  • Understanding budget implications.
  • Having insight into when staff are on annual leave or vacation.
  • Being able to roll reports up to upper management.
  • Team having a clear idea what they should be working on.

No worries, we have many different options that you can avail of to migrate your existing data over to Hub Planner.

  • You can take advantage of our built in upload tools for Projects, Resources, Time Entires and Bookings.
  • You can use our full RestAPI to programmatically create the connection and pull in data.
  • You can use a third party service such as Zapier to do this.
  • You can talk to our wonderful support team and they can help you or suggest way to do this after evaluating your data.

Either way you choose there is a solution for you, so no worries.

The Hub Planner resource scheduler allows you to forecast, schedule and plan your team across projects. This produces what we call the “scheduled” time within the system. To get the actuals you will need to activate the extension called “Timesheets” which allows your team to record all of the actuals.

The actuals and scheduled times in Hub Planner are kept separate. This is advantageous when it comes to reports and being able to understand how you are planning as a team versus how you are actually performing.

Explore more of Hub Planner.

Hub Planner has a lot of features which help compliment each other. Build a scalable Hub Planner solution that fits your team. Read more about the feature set below.

Resource Scheduling Tool

Plan, Forecast & Schedule your Team in our amazing resource scheduler.


Simple timesheets for the team to input the actuals into Hub Planner.

Skills Matching

Find team members based on skills, locations and any custom attribute.

Enterprise Reporting

Create powerful enterprise level reports with a suer friendly interface.

Vacation and PTO Requesting

Allow team members to create vacation, PTO and annual leave requests right in the scheduler.

Project Management

Create budgets, track spend across multiple projects and keep projects healthy.