Smart Report Templates for the Entire Team To Use.

Create efficient and quality reports with the intuitive smart Reports home base. The responsive interface is a well balanced grid layout with distinctive easy to identify icons which leads to report templates.

Best Resource & Project Reporting Templates

Start Reporting Visually.

Transform metrics into meaningful charts and progress bars which make it easy to identify areas of interest in the team’s performance metrics.

Real Time Data Analytics to Gauge Budget Spend Status & Team Utilization

Plan, Forecast & Make Strategic Decisions with instant Real Time insights.

Reports are produced in real time with smart caching to optimize speed, providing powerful instant insights into Projects, Resources, Utilization, Spend and Budgets. Real time report information allows for making smarter and strategic decisions in future planning and forecasting.

70+ Predefined Templates to get you started.

Each report represents a hand crafted segmented report type to help give you a head start with the type of report you are looking to use or a base report from which you can further edit and later save as your own custom report.

Create your own Custom Reports with the Hub Planner Report Builder

Create custom dynamic reports from scratch by using the Report Builder.

Define the applicable criteria necessary and begin design. Select your report type followed by selecting the required report data metrics. There are over 70 filter and column report options for you to choose from. Configure columns with a smart drag and drop facility to determine your report layout. This gives you maximum flexibility.


Full Application Control of Reporting with the Report Toolbar

The report toolbar is a one stop shop for report settings and modifications. Located at the top of the screen, easily execute adjustments to report data for more structured results. Alter the way reports are viewed with dark mode and illustrious graphical charts. Seamless options to share, save and download reports.

Calculation Settings

Varying metrics are used when calculating time handling.  Utilize the ability to change pre-determined calculations for Scheduled & Reported Time, Project and Resource Status as well as Event and Unassigned Work Time.

Export & Share Real Time Data

Our export, share, download feature allows you to communicate report data in real time by exporting in .CSV and excel files.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is here!  This welcome addition creates a darker user interface as your default ascetic view.  Instead of the light appearance, enable dark mode for a better contrast and readability of text.  Dark mode is an operational bonus that reduces eye fatigue with less blue light.  It’s also said to improve the focus retention of users.


Report Folders, Templates & Filters

Hub Planner Reports are split into varying folder groups for a clear and fluid user friendly interface.  There are 12 folders groups, with two more on the way.   Each folder contains a number of corresponding or saved templates within each group.

Utilize the Report Toolbar to activate filter and column options. With filters you really can delve into the nitty gritty of project data and how it affects so many different ways.  From resource capacity, to finding out how much time you are spending on clients.  What projects are you making most from.  What booking category is taking the longest.  There are 70+ column options to chose from.  Drag and drop the columns to specify the layout of reports.

My Reports




Each user has their own icon and folder containing a set of templated reports for quick and easy access to scheduled and reported time.  Access utilization capacity as well as availability and booking categories.

Create new customized reports or existing templates and save them within your My Saved Reports folder.   Any reports saved within your Saved Reports folder are only accessible and visible solely by you.

Hub Planner allows users  to save their favourite reports to one simple folder so that you can find it again later.  After you select your Favorite Reports, you can manage it from the Favorites folder of your Hub Planner account.

Global wide accessible reports viewable by all members of your team.   Similar and working the same way as My Reports, the Internal Reports folder holds a number of significant reports reachable company wide.

Help & Support

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