Get clear resource management for your team

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Manage your resources effectively

Checking the resources availability and utilization has never been that quick.


Use the resource scheduler to get a birds eye view of your team and view people who are available.


Enter actual time to timesheets and compare burn of actuals vs. scheduled time.


Generate user friendly reports. Identify key metrics from the company’s spend and utilization.

An Innovative Resource Management Solution

Get the ultimate birds eye view of your resource management and team with Hub Planner. Quickly view resources availability, utilization and schedule your team on projects using Hub Planners interactive drag and drop scheduler.

Integrated Time Tracking & Approval

Get your team involved with Timesheets. Measuring the actual time reported via timesheets versus the forecasted time via the resource scheduler gives you valuable insight into your teams performance.

“Being able to have the team track time under the same tool as we schedule them is an invaluable part of out workflow.” … Shiftr

Team Analytics & Generate Dynamic Reports

Download and view realtime analytics for all your projects & resources. Use the dashboard to track down to the individual resource or project performance making resource management a painless task.

Plan Project Budgets, Calculate Project Spend and plan Phases and Milestones

Within the Hub Planner scheduler, you can plan your project budgets, use dynamic billing rates and calculate project spend..

Vacation, Annual Leave and PTO Request & Approval Flow

Allow your team to transparently schedule and request time off directly from the scheduler or request forms with the Vacation & Annual Leave requesting functionality.