Always find Available Resources by Creating Dynamic Teams and Project Groups which Scale with your Business.

Smart Groups Overview

The Smart Groups extension in Hub Planner allows companies to create dynamic groups which can be populated automatically. You can transform any group into a smart group allowing you to create a collection of resources, projects, teams, clients based on different criteria you define in your conditions. The Smart Groups are updated in real time and allow you to organize your Scheduler sidebar as a working feature versus a static list.

This enhancement is suitable for those looking to have a group with a pulse, that is constantly updating based on changes in your projects and resources, and does not require static input of who or what to add to the group.

A living group that is updating in real time based on my conditions and how the team are using Hub Planner is an invaluable addition to our workflow. Whether it is splitting up our projects with budgets or having groups populate by skill, it all helps to organise our workflow.

Executive Producer

Combine Filters & Conditions

Using the Smart Groups extension you can combine more than 1 filter or condition to create an exact match on the type of criteria you are looking to match. Additionally you can use the Match “All” or Match “Any” conditions as well as the sub condition that “is” or “is not“. This gives you maximum flexibility to populate the group with the people or projects that meet your requirements.

New Conditions

The Smart Groups extension is part of an evolving condition set. This makes it scalable as when new conditions are available, they will be added directly to the conditions drop down allowing you to combine more elements and create even more exciting groups that are relevant for your business day to day.

Skills Matching Groups

A perfect use case for creating dynamic skills groups can be explored easily with the smart groups extension combined with the Custom Fields extensions. Creating a skills matrix in Custom Fields is where the groups will pull their data from. So for example if you wanted to create a group of all the developers but break it down by skill you could have a developer group but then a skills group under that. This is just one of the many combinations that you can achieve.

Create Client Project Groups

Creating customer or client groups could now not be easier. The first step will be creating a Client Drop Down list as a custom field. The you can set the customer / client to each project when you create or edit. Creating a project group that is Client X now will pull in all projects for that client into the same folder. This can be great for those clients you have on retainer or do multiple projects for.

Installing Smart Groups Extension

To install the Smart Groups extension, login to your account, navigate to settings and choose the manage extensions page. Find the extension from the list and follow the installation steps to try or buy the extension. If you do not have rights you should have the option to request this extension to be installed by an Admin with rights.


The extension license is based on an fixed cost per month or year.


Please login to your account, navigate to Settings -> Extensions to get a cost quote in your local currency.

Reference File

For more assistance on this Extension, please view the reference section.