Vacation and leave management integrated into your teams schedule.

Manage your teams vacation planning and time off right from within the scheduler. Your team can request vacation as well as have days allocated for leave during the year. All tracked and fully reported.

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Manage all team vacation requests in one dashboard


Integrated team vacation and leave requests in scheduler.

Custom allowance

Custom vacation allowance can be set per team member.

Approval Flow

Set approvers for different team members to approve time.


Never miss a request with email and slack notifications built in.

Public holidays & sick days

Public holidays and sick day modules built into dashboard.

Track your own vacation allowance in real time.

The ability for your team to request vacation / annual leave from Hub Planner allows team members to play a bigger part in the resource management circle for your business. All requests become transparent in the scheduler so you can visualize conflicts and they can be filtered through email or a new vacation management dashboard.

The Resource Request & Approval Workflow is a great addition to approving requests.

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Key features

Unlock these powerful key features for your teams vacation and annual leave planning.

  • Vacation Dashboard for Everyone

  • Global allowance and custom allowance of days per resource.

  • Approval and Request vacation flow process included

  • Sick days & Public Holidays visibility

  • Email Notifications for entire process

  • Ability to approve directly from emails

  • Edit vacation requests


Approval flow for team vacation requests

The addition of a request approval flow is a significant part of the flow of Hub Planner’s vacation request software. Default approvers can be set for groups of resources, which creates an immediate hierarchy in the flow. The approver is presented with multiple ways in which they can act on a request.

  • Approve directly from the Scheduler

  • Approve directly from an email notification

  • Approve from the Vacation Request Dashboard

Email and Slack notifications for approvers.

This extension comes with email notifications and three different options to configure them to globally and additionally on a resource level. Each user can configure the types of emails the wish to receive from their My Notifications setting, while global options can be set from notifications. Approvers will be notified of a new request via email and they will also be able to approve or reject the request directly from the email.

Personal vacation allowance for everyone.

When setting up the extension you will see a new section for Vacation and Sick Days. From here you will be able to define on a global level for your company how many vacation days you generally issue. You can further configure this for each resource if resources have custom vacation agreement. Once this is set, then each of the resources will see their correct vacation allocation limit in their dashboard.

A dashboard to manage all team requests.

The request table allows you to manage all of your teams requests including your own. You can quickly approve, reject, edit or delete a request as well as adding notes when approving or rejecting requests.

You can create exports from the table as well as use smart filters to go through the table quickly.

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