Time Tracking for Teams using Timesheets.

Hub Planner Timesheets offers you the perfect balance between the scheduled time produced from the Resource scheduler and the reported time captured in Timesheets. Time tracking for teams has never been a simpler task for the team.

Trusted by premium brands and teams around the globe, to create timesheets.

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Tracking Actual Time with Timesheets in Hub Planner has never been easier.

Hub Planner Timesheets gives you the complete time tracking for teams module fully integrated to your account, allowing your team to report actual time on Projects & Events. The slick designed timesheet component extends the power of the Resource Planning and Scheduling tool. Fast and easy to use, Hub Planner Timesheets eliminates the complexity for users ensuring a quick and simple process.

The interface is full of clever mechanisms to make time entry easier for the end user as well as offering a full timesheet approval system, and providing key report metrics once the data is all entered.

  • Simple and intuitive time entry.

  • Add notes to time entries.

  • Mark a time entry as non-billable.

  • Time entry Approval work flow.

  • Feed suggested time from scheduler directly into timesheet.

  • Categorize time entires by task or area worked.
  • Actuals integrated into Reports and Dashboards.
  • Actual vs Scheduled Spend, Time and Utilization.
  • Time tracking for teams.

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Calculate the actual burn on projects!

With the valuable second metric of actual time in the system you can now use this for doing more complex calculations in reports for burn by comparing scheduled versus actual time.

Hub Planner is pre-loaded with lots of great dashboards and columns you can easily add to any report and compare the actuals to the scheduled time for spend, utlization, worked hours and much more.

Mark as Non Billable

Create Notes

Submit for Approval

Understand my Burn %

Pre-populate team timesheets with suggestions directly from the scheduler.

One of the most popular features and why timesheets works so well when time tracking for teams when using the scheduler is due to the fact that we pass into the scheduler the suggested time from the scheduler directly into the timesheets.

This makes the process of filling out the time sheet much easier for team members as they can easily see what they should have been working on.

time tracking for teams suggesting time for timesheets at Hub Planner

“We went from having one staff member dedicated full-time to resource management to having them freed up for thirty hours of the week. We suddenly had almost another head-count to help with project coordination, rather than just keeping the wheels turning.

And timesheet compliance went up too, because it was so easy to use!”

Stephen B

Change Management Consultant

time tracking for teams categorising time entries at Hub Planner

Categorize work in timesheets.

Adding a category to each time entry is really helpful as it allows you to breakdown your work into smaller chunks. Imagine you are working on a project and instead of putting all the time against 1 project or client, you can say you worked on

  • Photoshop 2 hours
  • Copywriting 2 hours
  • Research 4 hours

all for the same project. This break down is further represented in reporting to see how much time and spend went into the different areas.

Timesheets and time tracking for teams FAQ.

A few questions you may have for us about using timesheets and doing time entry in Hub Planner.


No worries, we have many different options that you can avail of to migrate your existing time entry data over to Hub Planner.

  • You can take advantage of our built in upload tools for Time Entires using a simple csv upload tool.
  • You can use our full RestAPI to programmatically create the connection and pull in data from your existing timesheets software.
  • You can use a third party service such as Zapier to do this.
  • You can talk to our wonderful support team and they can help you or suggest way to do this after evaluating your data.

Either way you choose there is a solution for you, so no worries.

Yes, of course. If you are not ready to use the Hub Planner timesheet component or you are happy enough with what you have then you can still get your actuals into Hub Planner by using one of the import functions to upload via csv or use the Rest API to add your data.

Our support team are there to help you should you have any questions.

Yes, we offer timesheets approval in Hub Planner. Timesheets approval is included with all premium packages and can be activated under the settings -> extensions page. You can also add this if using any of our other packages like Plug & Play.

If you have the approval enabled you can set up the approval process where all time entries submitted need to first go through an approval process.

You can find more info here on our approval process.

No. Both of these metrics are kept separate in the system. It is generally bad practice that the schedule time can change the reported time or vice versa. By keeping scheduled time and reported time separate you can report on both of these metrics and compare both against each other.

What Hub Planner does do is it passes in the scheduled time as a suggestion to the time sheets which makes it easier for team members to know what they were scheduled on.

The Hub Planner resource scheduler allows you to forecast, schedule and plan your team across projects. This produces what we call the “scheduled” time within the system. To get the actuals you will need to activate the extension called “Timesheets” which allows your team to record all of the actuals.

The actuals and scheduled times in Hub Planner are kept separate. This is advantageous when it comes to reports and being able to understand how you are planning as a team versus how you are actually performing.

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