Timesheets for Global Dynamic Teams

Hub Planner timesheets offers you a perfect balance between the scheduled time produced from the resource scheduler and the reported time produced from the timesheets. Time entry has never been a simpler task for the team.

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Time Tracking with Timesheets

Hub Planner Timesheets gives you a full time-tracking module integrated right into your account, allowing your team report Actual Time on Projects and Events. The slickly designed Timesheets component extends the power of our Resource Planning Scheduling tool and Reports by giving you the full picture of scheduled time versus actual time. Watch your project plan go full circle.

“Been able to track time from within the same platform as we schedule is perfect for getting that bigger picture of how the team are performing.”

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Hub Planner Timesheets Introduction

The below video is a helpful tutorial style introduction of the Hub Planner timesheets component. It highlights how scheduled time from the Resource Management Scheduler can translate seamlessly across to the timesheets, helping to minimise the effort for the team doing the timesheets.

“Hub Planner provides an integrated timesheet system which is now much more precise and user-friendly.”

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Compare Scheduled Time versus Reported Actual Time

Resources can get a clear and concise view of their working week once the login to their timesheet dashboard. They are presented with smart graphs and charts giving an interactive and visual overview of how the week is looking for a team of resources or for an individual. Users can quickly pick between the different chart types offered out of the box to get a better idea of their working week:

Booked / Scheduled time is automatically fed into every resources timesheet in real time as a suggestion. Therefore they always know the latest projects they are assigned to and what time they are booked. They have the option to confirm this time or enter an alternative.

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Track Time Using Mobile Web App

Using timesheets on the phone is really simple. The web based application has a native experience, allowing team members to get a great overview of their month, easily insert time and review what they have done so far.

  • Calendar Overview

  • Analytics & Stats

  • Quick Time Entry

  • Bulk Time Entry

  • View Costs

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Smart Usability & Design

Usability is at the forefront of every feature discussion here at Hub Planner. Timesheets is executed with that in mind and we have taken steps to ensure that the timesheets is intuitive and makes the effort of time tracking effortless and rewarding. An accordion style menu allows you to quickly deep dive into a project or category and be able to quickly see where you time is being spent.

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Time Suggestions

The system smartly suggests time to each user based on what projects or events they are scheduled on. There is a quick option to accept this time by clicking on the input, or the user can choose to enter any number of hours they want.

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Keep the Team on Track

In addition to the main charts / graphs available for your timesheets dashboard, there are also small progress charts available beside each resource and category. The arrows and charts are colored to let the user know if they have reported less time than they have been scheduled, on track or over reported time.

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Associate Categories with Time Entries

Each booking with Hub Planner has a default booking category associated with it. You can create as many booking categories as you like which are niche to your workflow and business terminology. Resources can report time on Projects using these categories to create more meaningful reports and clearer transparency of where the time was spent or allocated.

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Timesheets Knowledge Base

Find out how to maximise the use of Hub Planner Timesheets via the very helpful and informative Timesheet Knowledge Base.

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