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Timesheets FAQ’s

Some quick fire FAQ’s for Hub Planner Timesheets.

What are Hub Planner Timesheets?

Timesheets allow users to report actual time worked on projects they are assigned to.

Can I report time against a Project with multiple Booking Categories?

Yes, You can add as many categories as you like.

Simply click ‘Add Project Time’ and select the category you wish to report time against. A new row will appear. Add the time in the relevant day(s).

These need to be set up by an Admin user via Settings.

What are Booking Categories?

By default every booking will have a default booking categories. Within your timesheet you can report time against the booking category scheduled or opt to change or add time to another booking category. Each Project needs to have a booking category associated with it. 

Can I change a Booking Category?

Yes, if you wish to change the booking category, click the 3 dots at the end of the row and choose Change Category. Select the category you wish to report time against. The row will now automatically change with the new booking category selected.

How do I reset a Row?

Click the 3 dots at the end of the row and choose Reset Row. This will revert the row to what it was before (suggested time) you started to add Actual Time.

Can I download Timesheets?

Yes, click the download button from the top toolbar. You can download the week in csv or Excel format. 

Why should I display Scheduled Time?

This will add a row of scheduled time to the time entry. This will aid you visually as you report time, you will still have sight of what was scheduled.

How do I display Scheduled Time?

Timesheets -> Options -> Display Scheduled Time. To restore, simply tick Display Scheduled Time again.

What’s Compact View?

This will reduce the white space and provide an overall condensed view of timesheets. Especially handy for when you report time on multiple projects at the same time. For example, the dates over the rows for each time entry are removed, however these dates will remain at the top of the page. 

How to access Compact View?

Timesheets -> Options -> Compact View. To restore to normal view, simply tick compact view again.

How do I navigate to a particular date in Hub Planner Timesheets?

There is a small calendar icon located to the right of the timesheets header. Clicking this will reveal a date picker where you can choose the week you want to view.

Can I toggle timesheets between weeks?

Yes, simply click the arrows left / right at the top toolbar. The dot in the middle of the arrows will reset you to this weeks view.

Where is the Timesheet Status Table?

Click the arrow Reported Time (located under the first day of the week at the top of the page). This will drop down the timesheet status table.

Can I filter the Resource list in Hub Planner Timesheets?

Yes. From the sidebar make sure you have the filter activated from the tools menu. The use the filter to type or check from a list of resources to filter.

How can I see Resource Groups in Hub Planner Timesheets?

Yes, Use the sidebar to view groups of resources at once. Note you will need permissions to see the groups.

Can I hide Projects which have no Booked and Actual Time Report?

Absolutely, to enable / disable the setting, navigate to the sidebar, and you will find it under Tools / Options.

Can I add a Note to Time Entry?

Yes. You can either hold down the SHIFT key and click any time entry and have the possibility to enter a note view the menu. Alternatively you can use the tools menu located to the right of each row to access a tool menu and access the notes. Each note will auto save for you.

Will my notes be displayed in Reports?

Yes. Ensure to add ‘Time Entry Note’ column to the report.

What does Un-submitted State mean?

This is a visual reference to you that time has not been reported/submitted by you. The system remembers the state of this time and when you submit it, it turns green (orange if Approval mode is on) and gets a state of Submitted (Pending if Approval mode is on).

Who can see Un-submitted Time?

You and the Admins with the role rights and permissions to access this information.

What is Suggested Time?

This is the time you were booked on the Scheduler (greyed cell). By clicking this you will confirm the time and it will turn yellow in color (Unsubmitted state). By clicking again you can easily edit the time. You can also ALt Click to go directly to the input to adjust the time.

Do I need to have booked (scheduled) time to use Hub Planner Timesheets?

No, you can track time against any project you are part of. Simply click Add New Time Entry to report time against a project or event. 

What does the red “Filtered” tag displayed above a resource mean?

This is displayed when you have the setting enabled to hide projects with no booked and actual time. It is visually explaining to you the affected rows where you are hiding rows based on this setting. To enable / disable the setting, navigate to the sidebar, and you will find it under Tools / Options.

How Can I View Booked Time on Hub Planner Timesheets?

In the sidebar there is a group called Tools | Options. In here you can check a box which will display a small box top left with the booked time as a reference.

Can I View just 1 Day?

No, the smallest view in viewing a week of booking and reporting information.

Can I view / edit other resources Hub Planner Timesheets?

If you have the correct role rights and permissions, you can view and edit other timesheets from your team of resources. Role rights and permissions are set via Settings. 

Where is Timesheets located?

You will find Timesheets in your header navigation.

Time sheets is missing from my Header, where is it?

You may not have Timesheets installed or your Account Owner may have disabled this feature. You can enable it under Settings -> Timesheets. 

Can I report time on Events like Sick leave, Vacation, Meetings etc?

Yes. If not already scheduled, you can add a new time entry directly from your Timesheet. Simply select the ‘Add New time Entry’ button at the top left of your timesheet. A popup will open. Click the Events tab and select the event you want to report time against. A new row will appear in your Timesheet under the Event name. Add the time to the days as required and submit when ready.

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