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How to deal with Projects that get delayed and need to move along the timeline or to another resource.

How to deal with Projects that get delayed and need to move along the timeline or to another resource. The need for modifications during a project across all methodologies is inescapable and can arise from various factors such as projects that get delayed or paused in production or the need to reallocate the work [...]

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Super Power Scheduler Performance

Super Power Scheduler Performance Superman is a Superhero, SpaceX recently launched the most powerful rocket, the cheetah is the fastest animal while the Blue Whale is the most powerful. Hub Planner has just unveiled its own Super Power! We have supercharged the performance of the Resource Scheduler resulting in a vastly improved and faster user [...]

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Vacation, Annual Leave Requests & a new Resource Request and Approval Workflow added to Hub Planner.

Hub Planner today unveils two brand new and powerful Extensions added to the Hub Planner arsenal of value added features. Introducing Vacation & Annual Leave Management and Resource Request & Approval Workflow extensions. Both of these extensions not only introduce new functionality to Hub Planner but also a new workflow for handling requests from [...]

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A New Way to Handle Customers & Clients

New Client & Customer Controls It is an exciting week of updates from Hub Planner, with the release of the Smart Group Extension, we are now releasing on top of that a new way to handle your clients and customers. A new "Manage Clients" option has been added to the settings page, allowing [...]

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New Sidebar Pro Extension arrives on top of a Packed Release full of Resource Planning Feature Updates!

New Sidebar Pro Extension arrives on top of a Packed Release full of Resource Planning Feature Updates! The Hub Planner sidebar is one of our most distinguishing features and one that every customer loves to really give them that navigational and organizational control over their resources and projects. The new sidebar has been completed re-written code [...]

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Team Members add their own Skills with Custom Fields

Team Members add and edit their own Skills with Custom Fields Resources can now edit custom fields from their newly designed Profile page. The ability to edit custom fields allows team members to fill out information which is part of their profile. A common example used by customers is allowing team members to choose from a [...]

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New Profile Page & Start Page Selection

New Profile Page & Start Page Selection The new profile page introduces more options for the team member to edit and control. The most notable update is the introduction of Custom Fields to the resource profile page as well as the new settings. The new settings allows resources to choose which landing page they would like to [...]

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New Quick Switch Navigator

New Quick Switch Navigator The New Hub Planner Quick Switch Navigator is a great way to jump through the different projects, resources, events and groups. Hub Planner's sidebar already offers you superior organization of your projects and resources into digestible groups. Often customers use these groups to represent departments, clients, locations to quickly filter that data [...]

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