Track and Approve all Requests

The resource request extension allows managers to filter the flow of resource selection within the company. A stylish dashboard allows approvers to manage and filter all incoming requests. From the dashboard approvers can filter.

The Vacation and Annual Leave Management Extension is a great addition to approving requests.

Approving Resource Requests

Approving resource requests can be achieved by any resource with approval rights. You can also set specific resources as “approvers” in the system and give them a designated team to approve. This can be useful so they always receive the request notifications and see a filtered view in their request dashboard. Ann approver can approve requests in the following way.

  • Approve directly from the Scheduler
  • Approve directly from an email notification
  • Approve from the Vacation Request Dashboard

Request Flow Chart

The following chart represents a typical flow when using the resource request feature in Hub Planner. Depending on your configuration email notifications can be triggered within the flow. There are multiple ways in which you can approve or reject a request from within the system.


This extension comes with email notifications and three different options to configure them to globally and additionally on a resource level. Each user can configure the types of emails the wish to receive from their My Notifications setting, while global options can be set from notifications. Approvers will be notified of a new request via email and they will also be able to approve or reject the request directly from the email.

Setting Approvers

You can easily add any resource as an approver in the system. Once complete you can then manually select which team of resources each approver is responsible for. This is a great way to create a responsibility matrix where all notifications for a group of people will go to a specific approver or approvers for processing.

Manage All Team Requests

The request table allows you to manage all of your teams requests including your own. You can quickly approve, reject or delete a request as well as adding notes when approving or rejecting requests.

You can create exports from the table as well as use smart filters to go through the table quickly.

Key Features

  • Resource Request Dashboard

  • Approval and Request flow process included

  • Email Notifications for entire process

  • Ability to approve directly from emails

  • Approval tool kit from scheduler

  • Create Approvers & a team of who they are responsible for

  • Role rights and permissions

Rights and Permissions

You can configure the extension around roles and rights. The rights management allows you to define if someone can request vacations, and approve vacation requests. You can also configure default approvers for specific team members creating a team centric approval flow.

Human Resources Management

HR managers work with a request flow, allowing you to centralize your teams vacation requests and understand what impact they have in relation to the bigger picture. For team members you have the opportunity to get more involved, have an intuitive and easy to use way of requesting vacation and time off from work.

Installing Resource Request & Approval Workflow Extension

To install the Resource Request & Approval Workflow Extension, login to your account, navigate to settings and choose the manage extensions page. Find the extension from the list and follow the installation steps to try or buy the extension. If you do not have rights you should have the option to request this extension to be installed by an Admin with rights.


The extension license is based on an fixed cost per month or year.


Please login to your account, navigate to Settings -> Extensions to get a cost quote in your local currency.

Reference File

For more assistance on this Extension, please view the reference section.