Booking Rates

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Booking Rates

Booking Rates – Applying a rate externally or internally to a particular scheduled booking which will override Project and Resource Rates

Once you have made a selection or a booking you have the ability to define a customized rates for the particular project booking. Again, this can be allocated both externally and internally. These rates will override any inherited rates that may have been applied at ‘Resource Rate’ or indeed ‘Project Rate’ level. Users will find this particularly useful should you need to bill a certain part of the project separately, or perhaps you need to provide ‘Non Billable work’ for a booking.

Non billable work which is an essential business expense reversed and perhaps a hidden value to some. Now you have the ability to track non billable hours through the Billing Rates extension thus providing imperative feedback.  The sheer volume of information of where your non billable hours are going can indeed assist in helping you to efficiently strategize going forward and create a ‘best practice’ of resource scheduling. There are many examples of how non billable hours can be generated such as; networking, client pitches, employee development and of course admin duties. However, by tracking non billable work will help you remove any inefficiencies and in the long run find more billable hours.

As mentioned above in Single Billing Panel, Timesheets which compliments Billing Rates by endorsing Scheduled verses Actual resource time and financials.

How to Apply a Booking Rate

To navigate to the booking rate follow these steps:

  • Click the 3 dots of the desired booking.
  • Edit
  • Edit Booking
  • Navigate to second tab entitled ‘Booking Rate’

Here you will see any inherited rates that have been allocated to at a resource or project level.

Too amend the inherited rate and apply a different rate to the booking you need to firstly click on ‘Custom Booking Rate’.  Should an existing rate exist you can simply delete this by clicking on the ‘X’ of the rate. Next, select from the drop down scrollable listing of rates set in your billing rate card. Or alternatively, add a new rate by selecting the first option.