Custom Fields for Resource Scheduling & Project Planning

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Using Resource and Project Custom Fields for Resource Scheduling & Project Planning

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a way of including and utilizing business terminology within your day to day planning and management of resources and projects.

Where can I create Resource Custom Fields?

Navigate to Settings -> Custom Fields and choose either Project or Resource custom fields.

Where can I create Project Custom Fields?

Navigate to Settings -> Custom Fields and choose either Project or Resource custom fields.

What type of Custom Fields can I create?

You can create the following types of Custom Field

  • Text
  • Number
  • Email
  • TextArea
  • Date
  • Color
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio

Where will the Project / Resource Custom Fields Appear?

The custom fields will appear as a Tab in the corresponding modal. You can then filter on these from the grid or in reports.

Who can add Custom Fields?

You can set permissions globally or individually to add and edit their own resource custom fields via their profile.

Can I Enable / Disable Custom Fields?

Yes, you can globally enable or disable project and resource custom fields in settings.

Will disabling custom fields delete the fields and data collected so far?

No, disabling will only stop the custom fields from showing up in the corresponding modals. You can easily re-enable them again to pick up where you left off from.

Will both Project / Resource Custom Fields Appear in Reports?

Yes, you will be able to report data on your custom fields. You will only be able to group on the type

  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio

Can I filter the Resources in Grid by Custom Field?

Yes, You can filter by specific resource custom fields

Can I duplicate a Custom Field?

Yes, you can do this when setting up the custom fields

Can I set HTML5 Attributes on Custom Fields?

Yes, we support standard attributes inline when creating the custom fields

Can I reorder Custom Fields?

Yes, You can do this by dragging and dropping the fields to rearrange the order they are going to be rendered in.

If I disable Custom Fields will I lose my Report Data?

No, you will only lose this data if you delete the fields

Can Everyone See Custom Fields?

Any user with creation or editing privileges can view and edit project / resource custom fields

Can I rename the Custom Field Tab?

Yes, you can do this from the Custom Field Settings

Can I set a default value for Radio Buttons?

Yes, when you create your choices, specify with the radio button which value should be the default value

Are Custom Fields Available via the API?

Yes, Once you have created them first in the tool.

What Custom Fields will Appear in Search Filter?

Only the ones that are checked in field creation.

Tags versus Custom Fields

Tags are a similar version of custom fields and only allow for a string match of a tag you define. As a business, Custom fields give you far greater control over your business terminology and allow you to create rules on what data you want to be entered into the system by the team.

Filter by Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be used to filter out important data in the bookings grid. For example if you are looking at all your resources and you want to find a resource quickly that has a skill of Photoshop and located in New York, you can quickly create that match and the grid will instantly filter out the results.

You will be able to get a sense of the real time availability of these resources to you.

Can I create a report by Custom Fields?

Indeed, you can filter by Custom Field to generate various reports.  For example, determine how much time is spent on a specific resource skill. How many resources do you have that can work remotely that have UX/UI design skills? Custom Fields can be used in reports to filter out the data and create meaningful groups of custom data. You can group reports on Custom Fields to get a breakdown how much time is being spent in a certain location or how available a certain skill set is.
Custom Fields are extremely flexible allowing you to create you own forms and sets of data within Hub Planner which you can report on. A must for any business.

Where can I find out more on Custom Fields?

Check out the Overview Video of Custom Fields.  Although, why not schedule a Free DEMO on Custom Fields.  Alternatively a more high level Q&A of Hub Planner .

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