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How Long is the Trial Period?

We offer a free 60 day FREE trial.  Install all of the Premium Extensions for a real test dive of Hub Planner.  We encourage you and your team to create a real work environment to optimize your Hub Planner experience.


What happens at the end of my trial period?

It if works for you then super!  Let’s sign you up to one of our plans.   If not, thanks for giving us a trial run and we wish you all the best.


How many users can I have for the trial period?

You can have as many team members as you wish.  In fact, we encourage as many of your team as possible to give Hub Planner a trial.  That way, everyone can get a feel for how it will work for you as a team.


Will my data move to a paid plan?

100%.  The switch over is seamless.  You will not lose any data, nor will any of your colleagues.   It’s a very quick process and we will help guide you on exactly what to do.

How many subscriptions plans are available?

3.  You have Plug & Play, Premium and Enterprise.

What do I get with ‘Plug & Play’?

Plug & Play is our starter plan.  You have access to the main features of Hub Planner such as Scheduler and Reporting with unlimited Projects.  What’s great about this plan is you can add extensions as you need them.  As you include extensions, this allows for free extension upgrades.  You also have priority access to Feature Requests.   Don’t forget, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

What do I get with the ‘Premium’ plan?

You have the same benefits of the Plug & Play plan but, with a so much more!  Firstly you have all of the Premium Extensions included which is a huge cost saving.  Free upgrades to all extensions such as Timesheets, Billing Rates, Vacation & Annual Leave, Resource / Workflow Request and Approval to name but a few.    Not only that, you have a personal Hub Planner contact assigned to you.  Your designated contact will assist with with accessing Priority Support and scheduling your optional 1 hour training session.  By going with the Premium Plan you also have the option to pay via invoice which is handy for the finance and billing department.

I have a query re the pricing model of ‘Plug & Play’.  Are Extensions optional?

The Plug & Play option allows you to add  Extensions as you need to.  You can simply add directly from Hub Planner via settings.   You can also view the individual pricing of Extensions here too.

​Alternatively, with the Premium option – all extensions are included which is a real cost saver and well worth it in my personal option.   If you have signed up for the 60 Day Free Trial, this is a great way to trial out all of the Extensions for free. Here’s a link to some more pricing information: and also 

Where can I get more information on Hub Planner subscription plans?

Of course, navigate directly to the pricing plans available to you.

Where can I get more information on Hub Planner subscription plans within the interface?

Here is a link to our website that shows the pricing for our two licence types Plug & Play and Premium. Plug & Play gives you the base model and you add the premium extensions as you require.  Where Premium includes everything.
To locate the prices of each of the premium extensions, open your Hub Planner trial account and navigate to Settings.
From there, scroll down to ‘Manage Extensions’, followed by ‘Add /Remove Extensions’.  Here you can view and add the Premium Extensions.

Can I add a Premium Extension individually?

Indeed, sounds like the Plug & Play option might be best for you?  With Plug & Play you can add on any extensions as required.

  • Simply navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Scroll to ‘Manage Extensions’
  • Select ‘Add / Remove Extensions’

Can I get a demo of Hub Planner?

Absolutely.  A demo of Hub Planner is a great way to get a personal guided tour through our resource planning software. We conduct our demo’s via a conference call bridge and use sophisticated screen sharing software which you can simply reach by going to a link in your browser, no installs are necessary.  We take pride in our demo’s and they are carried out by passionate planning enthusiasts in our own team and not out-sourced to any 3rd-party support companies.

How long are the demos?

A demo call usually lasts between 30mins to 1 hour and gives you the chance to see Hub Planner in action, but also ask us about your particular workflows so we can best understand your business and help you see how Hub Planner can make your planning more effective and efficient.

Can I prepare in advance?

Yes. We do advise that you are familiar with how the tool works beforehand to make the most out of the call.

Does it matter where I’m located?

Our support team are located on CET time zone, and we do our best to work with you on a time that works for both parties.  We always find a solution that works.

How do I schedule a demo?

If you are already on our Premium Plan, do contact your designated Hub Planner representative.   Alternatively, click here for access to scheduling a demo call.

Can I request an Invoice?

Our Premium Plan account holders have the option to request an invoice.   Contact your Hub Planner representative for further details on how to activate.

What’s the cancellation period?

If you are on our FREE 60 Day Trial – there is no need to cancel.  Your trial will simply end.  If you are on one of our paid plans, simply navigate to the Billing section located within Settings.   Click the link to ‘delete account’.  From there you will follow the onscreen instructions about how to properly delete your account.  You must be an account owner in order to delete your account.

For PayPal users, you must log into your account to cancel the subscription to Hub Planner.

For users paying via invoice method, ensure to contact your Hub Planner representative for any modifications to the service including upgrades, downgrades and cancellations.

Hub Planner will endeavour to process all requests within 7 working days.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely.   For Plug and Play users, you can add Premium Extensions as you wish.  Alternatively if you wish to upgrade to Premium, simply contact us and we will switch you over straight away.

For Premium account holders wishing to move to an Enterprise Account, please contact your designated Hub Planner representative who will assist you further.

Can I downgrade my plan?

Of course you can.  For Plug and Play users, you can deactivate Premium Extensions by navigating to Manage Extensions within Settings.

For Premium or Enterprise account holders wishing to downgrade, please contact your designated Hub Planner representative who will assist you further.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my resource count?

You can scale your resource count real time inside the tool.

In order to downgrade your account, you must first set the status of a resource to ‘parked’ or delete the corresponding number of resources who will be removed from your account. This will render their data inactive and they will not be able to access their accounts. You will then be able to select a new pricing plan and will be billed the new amount at the next billing cycle. Downgrades are not pro-rated.

Downgrading your Service may cause the loss of Content, features, or capacity of your Account. Hub Planner does not accept any liability for such loss.

Parked resources do not count towards your active and current resource limits. If you park resources, this will not automatically adjust your billing subscription amount, it only frees up licenses for you to use. If you wish to modify your billing subscription, you will need to do this via the settings on the billing page and choose new resource limits.

Do you take credit card payments?

Indeed we can.  Simply navigate to Billing within Settings to enter your credit card details.   If you need any assistance, please contact Hub Planner support.

Where can I get receipts?

Billing Receipts are found under the Settings -> Billing History section. All billing receipts are downloaded from this section. No billing or subscription emails are sent, you must login to the service to monitor your payments and billing history.

I’m based in the USA, can I be charged in USD?

No promlem.  Hub Planner can bill in various currencies including EUR / USD / GBP and SEK.  Do contact support for further details.

Will I have access to a Support channel?

For sure.  Even as a Trial user you have access to our friendly and experienced support team.  If you are one of our Premium or Enterprise account holders, you are lucky enough to have Priority access to our Support team.  All our support queries are usually answered within 24hrs but we’re usually quicker!

Say hello here  or jot us an email to

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