The Project Modal

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The Project Modal

The Project Modal is where you will find information about projects:

  • Basic Information
  • Resource & Groups Management
  • Billing, Budgets and Rates Management
  • Notes and Links
  • Custom Fields
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Phases
  • Timesheet Settings
  • Advanced Project Settings

Basic Project Information

By adding new or editing an existing project, the following information can be added to the Project Modal:

  • Project Title/Name (Required)
  • Project ID / CodeSet Project Logo/ImageSelect Client
  • Add Project Tags
  • Project Manager (If Extension Enabled)
  • Set Project Status Label
  • Project Custom Color

Basic Project Information

Project Status can be edited in the ‘General Settings’ of your Project. The different Project Statuses you can choose from are:

  • Active
  • Archived
  • Pending
  • Planned
  • Floating


This is the default state and indicates the project is active.


This state removes the projects from the scheduler and timesheets. You can still generate report data on them.

Pending / Planned / Floating

Each of these statuses have their own project group allowing you to move projects between the groups dynamically by setting a different status on a project. If you want to make your own status, you are best using Project Custom Fields in conjunction with Smart Groups to achieve the same effect but with your own labels.

Resource Groups & Management

Add Resources, Unassigned Work to the Project as well as adding the project to Project Groups set up. 
The Project Modal

Billing, Budgets and Rates Management

Note, this is a Premium Extension. Assign the following to your project:

  • Budget Hours
  • Budget Cash Amount
  • External Project Rate
  • Custom External Resource Rates
  • Internal Project Rate
  • Custom Internal Resource Rates

Click to find out more about the Billing, Budget rates Management Premium Extension in Hub Planner

The Project Modal

The Project Modal

Notes & Links

Add and save any notes relevant to the project as well as any links to the Project Modal.

Click the sidebox to the links to add a logo to the link to help quickly identify the destination. For example, add social media icons.

The Project Modal

Project Custom Fields

A Premium Extension, add Project Custom Fields to the Project Modal to help identify requirements and filters to the project.

Click to find out more about the Custom Fields Extension 

The Project Modal

Project Milestones & Dates

If you know the start and end dates of your project, you can enter and save them within the Project Modal. Also add any important dates such as deadlines. Opt to color the milestones in order to distinguish your dates. Milestones are viewable within the Scheduler. You also have the option to remove/archive any milestones.

The Project Modal

Right Click Booking

You can also enter your Start and End Dates by a right click booking:

  1. Right click on a cell within your Project
  2. Then simply select ‘Start/End Dates’ and add your dates.
  3. Click ‘Submit’

Project Phases

Add or remove project phases within the Project Modal. Click to find out all you need to know about Project Phases

The Project Modal

Timesheet Settings

Alter settings to enable or disable time against Timesheets. Timesheets is a Premium Extension. Click to find out more about Timesheets. and Timesheets Approval

The Project Modal

Project Settings

Click to enable or disable availability of the project within the Hub Planner Reports and Scheduler.

The Project Modal

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