Add your own Custom Fields to your Resources and Projects to Quickly Match and Find People against your Project Requirements.

Custom Fields Overview

The Custom Fields extension in Hub Planner is one of the most popular extensions customers use in the platform today. The reason for this is simple. The Custom Fields extension allows companies to add their own custom terminology to the Hub Planner interface using a set of quick and easy to use input fields. Once you have added your templates then the power of the Custom Fields comes into full effect allowing companies to find resources that match a particular job based on a skill set or location or some other criteria you are looking for. Making Resource Scheduling much simpler.

The solution is so robust it scales with your team as new fields are entered and the team can real time keep track of their own fields and contribute to the bigger picture.

Hub Planner is considered to be pretty industry agnostic which is a huge attraction as they think about not just a niche digital industry but every industry. The approach to Custom Fields sums this up to perfection as it allows our business to enter meaningful search fields which mean something to my team and localize the experience for us.

Executive Producer

I need this type of resource…Who is Available?

This is the exact question we at Hub Planner are trying to help companies answer is a quick effortless way. Who is available? You get a call from an important customer, they have a specific requirement, they have a deadline and they need to know if you have someone available to help. You want to be able to jump into a tool like Hub Planner and answer the question right away, not keep your customer waiting as you go through emails, and chat with all the folks involved. The video below demonstrates how it is really quick to identify who is available when matching a skills set with a resource location and a role level. Immediately it is clear in the scheduler who is available and you can make informed decisions quickly.

Create Organically Evolving Data that Scales with you Team

A popular workflow for companies is to create a set of custom field templates which match the type of criteria you are looking to filter and report by in the system. If you have a large team then you may see the opportunity to involve the team in fine tuning your data. Each custom field has the option to have it visible on a resources profile page section. What this does it is exposes non sensitive custom fields to the team allowing them help fill in the correct data that will allow you to better match them to a project. Some examples could be

  1. Skills Sets (Allow the team to add skills you may not know they even have)
  2. Closest Airport – Useful if your team travel
  3. Willing to Travel or Relocate – Sometimes this can be useful to if projects require this type of movement

These are just examples, the power is in the tool and how you fill it out. Similar to a questionnaire you can gather the data you require to make informed decisions in your scheduling.

Creating Custom Fields

Creating custom fields could not be simpler. We have designed a simple to use interface which allows you to simple choose from any of the predefined fields

  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Dropdown
  • Textarea
  • Input Field
  • Color Picker
  • Date Picker

All of which you can combine, use multiple times to define your system. Custom fields are available for both Projects, Resources and Bookings. Please reviewing our knowledge base here for additional questions.

Installing Custom Field Extension

To install the Custom Field extension, login to your account, navigate to settings and choose the manage extensions page. Find the extension from the list and follow the installation steps to try or buy the extension. If you do not have rights you should have the option to request this extension to be installed by an Admin with rights.


The extension license is based on per resource cost per month or year.


Please login to your account, navigate to Settings -> Extensions to get a cost quote in your local currency.

Reference File

For more assistance on this Extension, please view the reference section.