Direct Inline Integration to Basecamp

Hub Planner, the most functional high end resource scheduler on the market has collaborated with Basecamp – the most popular project management tool on the market.  By coming together we have generated an inline integration of the two operating tools streamlining your resource scheduling project management process.

Yes, that’s right – we have created a direct inline integration with Basecamp.  What does this mean?  Now we provide you with a seamless real time import of the two collaborating softwares within the Hub Planner platform.  This means we are bypassing the requirement for any third party software like our Zapier integration or having to use the API.  Now you can automatically import and schedule your Projects and Resources from Basecamp to Hub Planner in real time.  The benefit?  Boosted added value, a real time saver and extreme flexibility to our customers.

How Does it Work?

Until now, we have always supported integration with Basecamp via Zapier to the API.  Having more than one operating tool is pretty normal within the resource scheduling work space.  We’ve spent time to see how the integration of Basecamp will benefit our users – we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that our users have ease of access and ease of installation.

With a clear design and visibility, you can quickly import all your data. Hub Planner will identify previously imported projects and resources ready to sync with updated data.  Not only that, the clever integration will also identify any new projects and resources during the import and allow you to map those fields.

Just to note, those who use Basecamp via our Zapier integration, this will still work of course!

Getting Started

Check out our Feature Page here.  But in the meantime let us give you a quick synopsis of how the new inline integration will work.

Firstly, you will need to authorise Hub Planner to have access to your Basecamp Account.  From here, any projects or resources existing in Hub Planner will identify and match any existing projects and resources within Basecamp.  This is completed by a combination of fields such as Account ID  / User ID / Element ID.  Don’t worry this match detector will ensure that no Hub Planner data is overwritten by accident!

You can configure the incoming data from Basecamp to subsequent existing fields within Hub Planner.  From the drop down lists, you can select to map email addresses, usernames, team status, project names and project ID’s etc.   After importing, the data subsequently transforms into fully fledged Hub Planner data and stored into your database.