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Create Team Manager with Full Scheduling Rights

Estimated reading time: 9 min

Create a Team Resource Manager

The task being to create a Team Resource Manager for a Resource Group and access to see the Project Group. We will set non Project Manager role that can have further functionality / access to their teams data, projects, approve timesheets, vacation and view and manage schedules etc.

This will allow the team resource manager to streamline schedules, dashboards, reports etc. without having to manually create or manipulate system data. We’re going to configure the role rights and permissions of the resource so that they can view and manage resources on their team. Once ready, we will create a resource group the resource will manage. Next, we will assign a number of resources to the newly created resource group. Add Unassigned Work categories to the resource group schedule if necessary.

Names of Team Resource Managers?

There are many names for this situation. Whether your team is agile, lean, etc. This role equates to having access to manage a team.

  • Team Lead
  • Resource Lead
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Manager
  • Resource Manager

Create a Team Manager of Resources with Full Scheduling Rights / Manage Timesheets

For the purpose of this scenario, we are going to use the Design Team as an example. We are going to set a resource the ability to view the schedule of all resources of the Design Team. Be able to schedule project bookings solely for that team.

What do we want them to be able to have the right to do?

  • Schedule resources of Design Team on all projects they are a part of.
  • Manage Design Team Timesheets
  • View Group Schedule of Design Team
  • View Individual schedule of Resource from Design Team
  • Rights to Manage Resource Requests from the Design Team
  • Manage Vacation Requests
  • Assign bookings in Unassigned Work categories to Design Team

To break it down into just 3 short steps:

  1. Determine the role type of the Resource Manager
  2. Set the Role Functions
  3. Apply the user access permissions to the team and projects

Step 1 – Determine the Role Type

We need to assign a role type to the Resource who will manage and overview the team. Select either Contractor, Team user, Acc Handler 1, Acc Hander 2 or Admin Manager? All have a varying default set of rights and permissions. Assign the right role type to the resource manager. For the Resource Manager to have full scheduling rights and be the approver of their timesheets etc., you need to look at these sections within Roles.

Hub-Planner-Role-Settings       Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Clients-Access-Rights       Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Settings-Access-Rights    Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Project-Manager-Access-Rights Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Access-Rights Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Access-Rights Hub-Planner-Role-Settings-Access-Rights

Step 2 – Set Role Functions

Once they have access to their team of resources. What do we want the Resource Manager to be able to do? As set above. We want them to be able to schedule their resources on projects, view activity and set tasks. We will also set the ability to approve timesheets, vacations and resource requesting too. There are a couple of sections within Roles that are sensitive and advanced that we will leave out. What’s important to note here is that we are providing these rights for the Resource Manager of the resources they have permission to only. Not every resource or project. Just the ones that they have access to.

To access Roles:

  1. Settings
  2. System Settings
  3. Roles

Now, navigate along the role settings and tick the relevant boxes to allow the resource role to be able to

Scheduling – Full Scheduling Rights.

The logged in user will be able to schedule all Projects, Events and Resources they have Permissions to. if Resources the user does not have direct permissions to are part of the Projects / Events they do have permissions to, then they will be able to schedule them on that particular Project / Event.


Scheduling – Unassigned Work

The logged in user will be able to schedule Unassigned Work on all Unassigned Work Categories the user has Permissions to. Scheduling rights on these Unassigned Work Categories are limited to Projects they have Permissions to. With the exception If a Project the user has permissions to is using an Unassigned Work Categories the user does not have permissions to, the user will still be able to schedule that category for that Project.

Timesheet – Manage & Approval Rights

The logged in user will be able to manage and create Timesheets for all Projects and Resources they have Permissions to. With this role checked the user can select any Project or Event in the system when creating a new time entry [i.e. not filtered by permissions]. This includes the ability to approve the timesheets if you have the timesheet approval extension installed. Note, to approve timesheets, the user must be a Project Manger of the Project. Alternatively, they will need to have the first row ticked.