About Feature Sponsorship

At Hub Planner we have a very transparent workflow when it comes to adding new features. We work using an agile methodology and bucket different releases into what we call ‘Sprints’. These sprints can include anything from feature updates to performance updates and usually have a manageable time-line, i.e. not too long. We don’t plan sprints too far into the future as we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to include what is currently needed at that moment in time. What we include in a sprint is a mix of

  • Internal Roadmap features
  • Client suggestions via our public suggestion board
  • Client suggestions via email / calls
  • Internal bug fixes and system updates

This process works well for us, but does not give any clear promises to clients who are waiting on a feature to be developed which can really help with their business workflow. We have therefore extended our process to take into consideration our clients needs to ‘bump up’ features and created a feature sponsorship program. This program allows clients to suggest a feature to us and have it integrated into the platform as soon as possible.

When we agree on the details of the feature suggested, we create an SOW (statement of work) where we outline specifically the details of the feature to be included. There is a fee involved for using our sponsorship program to cover the development work and all features developed are rolled out across the platform.

If you are using Hub Planner and really want an update to make it out faster than it already is then please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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