Happy Midsommar from Hub Planner

One of the greatest Swedish traditions is Midsommar! As Hub Planner HQ is based in Stockholm, Sweden we fully enjoy and embrace this fantastic Swedish tradition. Let’s tell you a little more about Midsommar.

So what happens during Midsommar?

Think of Midsommar as July 4th in the US, or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Taking place around summer solstice, celebrating Swedish Midsommar or midsummer in english, is full of large gatherings with family and friends, traditional dancing around the maypole. Indeed Sweden’s biggest holiday for the year.


The maypole or midsommarstång is at the centre of the festivities. Adored with greenery and flowers, the maypole is raised in a big open space at the centre of the town. Communities come together, everyone sings and dances around the decorated maypole. There’s even a song about a frog, and yes you must dance like a frog too! Children and adults a like will spend their time picking flowers and making flower crowns for everyone to wear. Then, there is the midsummer food and drinks to enjoy! Do you fancy traditional gravalx and sill (pickled herring)? If not, there are plenty more options to choose from.

We’re looking forward to seeing some pics and videos of our Hub Planner HQ team enjoying midsommar with their flower crowns, maypole dancing and hopefully some funny frog dancing attempts too! Whilst Hub Planner HQ may be enjoying midsommar,  of course, the rest of our global Hub Planner team are working away. Feel free to reach out via Hub Planner Chat or Contact us directly.

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Happy Midsommar, from everyone at Hub Planner