Resource Scheduling Key Features

Hub Planners Resource Scheduling software is designed for Project Managers and Teams who are looking for more transparency, clarity and visibility when planning projects. The Resource Scheduler presents insight into your project teams availability as well as making scheduling resources on projects a painless task. You no longer need to spend time in spreadsheets and let Hub Planner do the work. Continue reading below to understand more about what Hub Planner can offer you.

Hub Planner Resource Scheduler Introduction

The below video is a helpful tutorial style introduction of the Hub Planner resource scheduler component. It highlights how you can quickly create bookings and schedule your team on projects.

“Moving from spreadsheet planning to Hub Planner was incredibly easy to set up & implement & roll-out”

A Bird’s Eye View of Team

Always have visibility into the companies resource schedule. Hub planner can plan in hours, days, weeks to months. You will easily see the gaps in your production and be able to be proactive in solving scheduling conflicts and scheduling in new business.

  • Quick Drag and Drop Interface

  • Public Holidays

  • Resolve Conflicts Easy

  • Zoom Views

  • Sick & Vacation Days

hub planner mobile scheduler

Resource Scheduling Skills Matching

Skills & Location Matching

With the Hub Planner filters you can easily find resources based on any business logic you currently have such as a skills matrix or location / role tags.

“I need to find a resource who can do this work. It needs to be someone based in New York as they have to meet the client. They need to be great at design and know Photoshop inside out. “
Project Manager

Resource Scheduling using Availability Heat Map

The resource side of the scheduler has a built in dynamic Heat Map feature allowing you to quickly identify gaps in your production schedule and visualize your teams utilization. Resource Scheduling is then simplified as you can visually see the gaps in production.

  • Custom Heat Map Colors

  • Over Scheduled

  • Under Capacity

  • Full Availability

  • Reacts to your planning.

hub planner heatmap

Simple Drag & Drop Scheduler

With Hub Planners drag and drop interface you can simply schedule your teams on projects or events by dragging bookings on the scheduler. You can also quickly resize bookings with drag handles on each project booking.

Resource Scheduling

Create Teams of People

Use the sidebar to organize your resources into teams, departments, roles or whichever type of format suits you best. Viewing a group narrows in on just that group removing all other distractions from your view.

  • Unlimited Groups

  • Create Teams

  • Departments

  • View All People in Group Together.

hub planner teams

pipeline work

Plan Pipeline Work

When you don’t know who to schedule work on, we have a solution for that.

Schedule on the Go

With our web mobile app you can check in and make scheduling painless on the go

hub planner flow

Mimic your Business Terms and Lingo with Custom Fields

Using Hub Planners custom fields you can quickly replicate your current business terminology. We allow you to create custom fields for both projects and resources, enabling you to create your own data fields which can be associated with a project. You can then filter on these fields within the bookings grid to find what you are looking for.

Find Available Resources by Skills, Locations, Dept etc

As well as using custom fields you can tag and project or resource with a tag. Tagging helps you categorize your people and projects, create reports on a tag and filter your grid. If you tag your people with skills then it becomes very easy to find a resource with a certain skill available.