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Hub Planner Demo Call

Book a demo call now! Interested in finding out more about Hub Planner and how it can help you optimize your Resource Planning and Scheduling?

How do I request a demonstration of Hub Planner?

We’ve set up a live online calendar where you can pick the time and date that best suits you.  Check your availability and schedule yourself in for a Hub Planner Demo Call via

If I’ve trialled Hub Planner can I still request a demo call?

We will always facilitate as best we can. If in doubt, give us a shout ! Say hello to us right now on the Chat (click bottom right hand of your screen) or send us a message at

Can more than one of us be on the demo call?

Indeed, this is a live video/voice call over platforms like Zoom or Skype. So, feel free to add as many people as you wish.


How is the demonstration conducted?

Either by video or voice call via Zoom or Skype. To be honest, a video demo call is more effective. We will screen share with you and give you an overview or indeed demonstrate answers to any questions you have.

Can I submit questions beforehand?

Get more bang for your buck! Sure thing! Send on your questions and we will endeavour to have the ready to address prior to our call.

How long is the Demo Call?

30 minutes. We try to not let them overrun as much as possible so that we’re not late to the next customer. If course if you have any further questions after our call, feel free to submit your questions via email to

What’s the difference between an Overall Demo Call and a Q&A.

Firstly, the 30mins Questions & Answers demo call is aimed at those who are familiar with Hub Planner trialling out the Resource Scheduling platform.  Some users might have a list of questions to ask and use it as a finalization prior to commitment.

Secondly you have the 30 minute Introduction to Hub Planner.  So more for those who are trialling Hub Planner, but require an overall view and how to get the best out of the Resource Management tool.  Furthermore, we find that it could be a subsequent demo call with the decision makers or a small management group that need to have a high level understanding of how Hub Planner will benefit your company.


Do I need to have finished my trial prior to scheduling a demo call?

Not necessarily, however we would suggest that you have tried Hub Planner and played around with it for a little while.  The idea being that you get more information from the demo call.

Do you cater for different timezones?

Hub Planner have users from all 4 corners of the globe. From Vancouver, New York, London, Berlin, Cape Town right the way across to Sydney!  So naturally we need to be set up for this. If you cannot find a time that suits you, do pop us a note and we will endeavour to work something out.

Are there any articles or subsequent support pages I can refer to for more information?

Absolutely, we welcome you to have a look through our BLOG which provides industry insights and blog releases of new features.

Have a scroll through out Features and Premium Extensions for a high level view of what’s on offer.

Our Reference Guide is a go to area for more in depth knowledge of the workings behind the features.  Scroll along the right hand side for a full list of topics.

Also, we have the newly added Knowledge Base (which is a work in progress at the moment!).  The KB facilitates those support / q&a style questions and answers that provide instant help and support for Hub Planner users.

How do I schedule a Demo Call again?

Save you scrolling back up – Schedule a FREE Hub Planner Demo

Do Hub Planner host webinars?

Yes! Indeed we do. Every Wednesday, we host a live webinar.

What times are the webinars at?

  • PST = 09:00
  • EST = 12:00
  • GMT = 17:00
  • CET = 18:00

How to join the Webinar?

Save you space by clicking this link right here: Live Webinar

Is the webinar free?

Yes. Absolutely.

If I’m on Trial with Hub Planner, can I still join or do I have to be a customer.

Everyone is welcome.

I have some suggestions for the webinars….

Brilliant, send them onto us via

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