How to use the Report Toolbar and Report Builder

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What is the Report Toolbar?

The report toolbar is number of icons that allow you to make changes to the way the reports are displayed, filtered and shared.   Let’s take you through them.

Report Toolbar

Report Toolbar Grouping Buttons

The Report Toolbar also has pre defined grouping buttons to the left of the interface.

Report Toolbar Grouping

The Report Toolbar Grouping Buttons allow you to switch between Projects/Events, Resources/Unassigned, Booking Categories and frequency of days. We will discuss the Report Toolbar Grouping in further details below.

Total Results


Once a report has been generated, users have sight of ‘total results’ returned.  Note, there are two options to utilize within this tool.

  1. Show only results that have data for this date range
  2. Show also results which do not have data for this date range. Include no data within results of this date range

For example, Scheduled Spend.  From 10 projects, Resource is scheduled to 5 within this month.  They are also scheduled on 2 other projects last month. By selecting the first option, the 5 projects with scheduled time against them will return data.   Should the second option be selected, all 7 projects will return the data.

Results - Report Toolbar - Hub Planner

You can also access these options within the report builder.  Or by selecting the filters and data options within the report toolbar.

How to filter reports?

You can alter the filters of the templates by clicking on the settings cog beside each report name in the sidebar.  You can also access from the Report Toolbar by clicking EDIT followed by one of the drop down options. Either Select Data, Filters, Columns or Grouping.  Alternatively, click the Report Builder icon in the Reports Home page.


Report Builder

What are the filter options?

Edit_ReportsThe filter options otherwise known as the Report Builder are explained extensive detail separately.  But let’s give you a quick overview.   The Report Builder allows to alter the pre configured templates installed.  You can also create a customized report from scratch using the various data options.  There are a multitude of options varying from type of projects such as Active, Planned, Archived etc moving on to a

  • Date – Another chance to alter the date range of the reports.
  • Select Data – Where to obtain the data from Project Groups and or individual Projects.
  • Filters – An opportunity to add some extra data or identify by filter specific.  Examples include the likes of Booking Categories and Custom Fields.
  • Columns – With over 70+ option to choose from.  Click on multiple filter to be displayed.  Also use the drag and drop facility to organise the layout of the columns.  Lastly, directly from the report, expand the column boarders and collapse as necessary to view returned data.
  • Grouping –  13 options to group report results by such as Project Manger or Resource Tag.  You can also group by Custom Fields.

How to alter the date?

Date – Another chance to alter the date range of the reports.  Simply select from the pre filtered drop down options.  Alternatively create a customized date from the start and finish fields.