Hub Planner Release Brand New State of the Art Project and Resource Reporting System.

Project and Resource Reporting has never been easier with Hub Planner’s brand new revamped reporting component.

Hub Planner, a SaaS team scheduling solution have launched a new powerful reporting engine.  Rich in functionality, the powerhouse management reporting platform removes the uncertainty of project planning and resource scheduling making way for strategic informed decisions. The robust project and resource reporting solution has been taken up a notch to produce data analytics designed for streamlining inefficiencies and forecast accurate resource utilization. Consistent monitoring of projects and resource teams provide a basis for quickly identifying potential issues or causes of bottlenecks. Encompassing over 50 templates together with the ability to customize your own templates, the new reporting release significantly adds time-to-value with on demand real time results. Perform routine project health checks or delve into a more detailed analysis producing complex qualitative information for resource scheduling. Either way, team scheduling pain points can be eliminated and planning processes are significantly simplified. Welcome to Hub Planner Reporting!


Why use Project and Resource Reporting?

Reporting in Resource Scheduling gives the resource planner and management a birds eye view of real time data on projects and resources.  Project_and_Resource_Reports_Birds_Eye_ViewDelve into project status, progression, financials or perhaps resource utilization rates. There is expansive quality quantitative data to compare and analyze analytics.  It’s also completely customizable! Adapt a resource management software to optimize operational metrics to improve efficiency and growth. Eliminate the inefficiencies of multiple spreadsheets and emails back and forth with outdated information. Hub Planner has improved and enhanced the capabilities of reporting allowing you to easily respond quickly and make strategic informed decisions.

Communicate to the right Audience

Project and resource reporting is utililized as a communication mechanism to engage all stakeholders be it resources, project managers, investors, sponsors etc. However, you must communicate the right information to the right audience. Information updates are accurate and can be as detailed breakdown or from a high level perspective by utilizing the innate filters. Layouts are simplistic and clean which lend to for a variety of formats to suit varying audiences. For example, no Investor wants to see a breakdown of a London UX Designer’s project stats report. They would rather see an overview of the project. By using Hub Planner’s abundance of filters you can quickly generate an easy to understand customized reports. Systemically, all of Hub Planner’s project and resource reporting templates are clear and concise enabling you to compare metrics to drive efficiencies. For instance, filtrate through booking categories, teams working on specific clients, resource timesheets etc.

Real Time Data Analytics

Astutely, project and resource reporting is real time which allows for your to compare and contrast scheduled verses actuals. Now, make smart informed decisions by analyzing forecasted revenue and resource time against actuals. For example, track how much time your team are spending on the design stage of the project.  Are they spending too much or too little time? Do you need to reallocate resources? Perhaps you need to move the the project along the timeline or to another resource? The same goes for project and resource financials. Systematically, identify potential project overspend and remaining budget prior to happening which is an invaluable insight for future project estimates.

Powerful Project and Resource Reports

Hub Planner is evolving getting better and better. Other than redesigning the project and resource reporting interface and adding multiple templates, we also re-built the reporting platform from the ground up, using more powerful and efficient technology.Project and Resource Powerful Reports

So how does it benefit you? Well, you may notice project and resource reporting loads faster than ever before. The new reporting platform can also hold a surplus of data than previous legacy reports.  A natural time saver waiting on reports to produce which of course means more time for scheduling in more resource hours :)

Producing more efficient, effective reports faster and stronger than ever before

Under the hood, with new technology advances, we have created our most powerful and efficient reporting tool to date. The components of the project and resource reporting platform are power hungry allowing for speed, storing more data requests and processing such requests more efficiently and quickly. The processing speed renders the reports platform. Also, it enhances the performance of the user experience. In essence, you are producing more efficient, effective reports faster and stronger than ever before.

Boost Profits and Strengthen RelationshipsProject and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner_Boost_Profits_Relationships

We find that users are more knowledgeable than ever with more complex needs. With that said, our goal here at Hub Planner is to create a better user experience and deliver on demands. The new project and resource reporting platform enables users to collect and manage new insights which allow for a competitive advantage. By leveraging project and resource report data provides the basis for improved processes which in turn will drive profitability.

We can help users strengthen relationships with important clients via customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower costs and greater operational efficiency. Not only that, with better and more powerful data it enables users to compete for new business. In turn, our users gain a more enhanced experience with tailored data and faster report results.

Here at Hub Planner we have made significant inroads by redesigning a powerful reporting platform that delivers high-quality data results and an intuitive user experience.

Create and Customize Templates

Hub Planner is an online resource scheduling project management platform, so when designing the project and resource reporting revamp we have kept our core business in mind. Therefore, our resource planning software smartly provides in-built copious templates for you to work off. In fact, we’ve created fifty two templates for you. However, you can also create and customize your own templates as you wish. Furthermore, you can subsequently save as your favourite report to easily generate regular touch points.Project and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner_52_report_templates

While we have created a number of what we feel are useful and popular templates. Such templates are not made of complex data code. Oh no! They are simply a number of filters saved as one report.  In fact, you too can create your own templates that suits your business. Industry agnostic if you will. Very easy to do, check out How to use the Report Builder .

You know, perhaps this may open up some features of Hub Planner that you didn’t know existed. Previous to the new project and resource reporting platform, were legacy reports. Which of course is still in existence for users and may prefer to keep utilizing. However, legacy reports will be phased out. Not to say that project and resource reporting won’t include the same reports. With that said, project and resource reporting allows for a far more robust astute approach to building and utilizing reports.

So what’s it like?

The interface is far more smart and intuitive.  It’s natural grid like form makes you say, why wasn’t this like this before?  Why aren’t more platforms like this?  Designed to make it easier for you to navigate around.  For you to quickly source the information you need and then some.  What I mean by that is when generating your report, you might see another template that you might find useful.  Or for example when filtering through, you might see some options that are useful to you.  Some of the templates you may see, you might go: “Oh Yeah! Thats makes so much sense?”  That’s a great report!”  Well, I found myself saying that anyway.  Food for thought!

Project and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner

Reporting User Experience and Design

The newly revamped project and resource reporting platform is designed for an effective and enjoyable experience by optimizing the conglomerate of components. The robust reports experience is complemented by a sleek, smooth and simple to use design. Intelligent navigation throughout the project and resource reporting platform comprehensively networks between the various components most efficiently.

Report Folders

An enjoyable comfortable user experience provide the basis for the intuitively designed homepage. The central hub of project and resource reporting where a smartly styled grid stages individual folders for each report type. There are 16 report folders, 12 of which have 52 pre created templates within them and a couple of more folders in development. There are folders set up so that you can favorite and save your reports.

Project and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner_Report_Folders

Screenshot 2019 09 27 16.07.22

Report Builder

Project and Resource Reports_BuilderAccessible from the homepage folders, the sidebar or indeed the report toolbar.  You can create newly customized templates, alter existing ones and change date ranges.  There is a multitude of filters and options for you to choose from.

Theres an extensive article on  How to use the Report Builder which is a great reference base.

Report Toolbar

Once a project and resource report has been generated, the report toolbar provides the basis for any editing, views, save and shares.

Project and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner_Report_Toolbar

Check out How to use the Report Toolbar for lots of more hints and tricks.

Next, let’s take you through some of the expansive reporting templates.

Report Templates

Within each report folder has a number of pre configured templates in accordance with that folder. Each template has a clear title as well as a short description of what the report will tell you. So, for example project reports. There are four different templates saved here.

  • Scheduled Time.
  • Reported Time.
  • Booking Categories.
  • Project Burn.

To access, simply click on the template and the report will generate. It’s easy to navigate back and forth to the templates, reports and report folders.

Project and Resource Reports_Hub_Planner


Suggest A Project and Resource Report

Suggest_A_ReportNow, having read the above or played around with the new install. You are thinking, I have a great template that I think a lot of users would use. And, I would love to see it in one of the folders permanently. Brilliant! Select the Suggest a Report folder and fill out the modal and it will be submitted directly to the team. We will endeavour to review and see if it works out. In the meantime, you can always have your template saved within My Saved Reports. Also, you might post your idea to our user forum ‘What’s Happening Next for Hub Planner?‘.

Coming soon….Most Popular & Heat Map Reports

Keep an eye out for our next release to Hub Planner reporting. We’ll have Most Popular Reports folder. Also, obtain a colour coded view of metrics using Heat Map style reports. Learn more on how to Improve Resource Planning With Hub Planner’s New Heat Map

Project and Resource Reporting Knowledge BaseReports_Knowledge_Base

So that’s a lot of new information about Hub Planner project and resource reporting. What if I have questions? Where can I go to find out more details? Well, Hub Planner have created a new knowledge base reference style platform. Here you can search your questions. View all the articles under Reports. If you can’t find your answer, please do not hesitate to give us a shout by using the contact modal.