Permissions & Reports

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Reports and Permissions.

It’s important to understand the logic of permissions when it comes to accessing report templates and building custom reports. In essence, what you have permissions to will determine what you can view. Permissions follow through on the scheduler and in reports.

Permission Settings by Role type Permissions_Roles

Report Folders 


What are Permissions

Permissions in Hub Planner are the ability to set user access rights. This can be to a project, resources, project groups and team views. Depending on what permission access you have, will determine what you see in the scheduler and in report results.


You can set permissions on a role type level such as Team, Contractor, Admin etc. Moreover, you can set permissions access on a single resource level. Setting permissions on a resource level will help to really customize what a single user can see.


What can I set Permissions on?

Set permissions on the following:

  • Project Groups with the option to include/exclude single projects
  • Events
  • Resource Groups with the option to include/exclude single resources
  • Unassigned Work

To grant permissions to single projects only:

You can opt to exclude certain projects or resources from the groups. For example, adding ‘Design Projects’ to a users permissions, you can opt to exclude certain projects of the project group from permissions access.


How do Permissions effect Reports?

Say you have permission access to Design Projects Group, but not Development Project Group. When viewing templates such as Project Scheduled Time, the report will show the data results for Design Projects only. It will always exclude the report results for Development Projects. See below, the report will only show the projects you manage and the projects you have permissions to. In this case, Barb Douglas is the Project Manager in which the report shows the project data Barb manages. But also Barb has access to view Airbus Projects.


What if I view the data by Resource? Using the permissions access to Design Projects / not Development Projects. See below, you will only have sight of the resources you have permissions to and the resource data from the projects you manage. Any details you should not see is asterisked out.


Resource is scheduled on both Design Projects and Development Projects. What will you see? Viewing Resource Scheduled Time, you will see report results for Design Projects only. If you see other resource data, this relates to the projects you manage. Any details you should not see will be asterisked out.

Permissions and the Report Builder

How will permissions effect the Report Builder? Should they effect the report builder? Permissions will notably effect the following:

Type – What type of report are you building? Project, Resource, Event, or Unassigned Work report. What you select here, will determine what you see in the next tab, Data.

Data – The data is the content of which the report is built on. Choose from Project Groups or Single Projects, List of Events, Resource Groups, Single Resources, etc.

Date Range – the dates the report results will show against.

Filters – setting filter options on the reports, whether it’s by custom field, booking category, reported time state etc.

Columns – these are what you want to show on the report. Scheduled Time, utilization rates, Burn, Project profitability etc.

Grouping – allows you to set specific grouping options to configure data. Applying grouping splits reports


Managed Projects and Projects I have Permissions to will appear in the Data tab.

How do permissions effect the Report Builder?

The data tab is where you will select what to create the report on. The data available is the data you have permissions to access. For example:

  • Project Report = All Projects you have permissions to are included within the Selected Data column. You can opt to remove any projects you do not want to build the report on. If you remove a project you can always re-add it to the selected data column. Select from Project Groups and Single Projects you have permissions to access.
  • Resource Report = Select from Resource Groups and Single Resources you have permissions to access.
  • Events = Select from list of Events you have permissions to access.
  • Unassigned Work = Select from list of Unassigned Work you have permissions to access.

You will not be able to select projects, resources, events and unassigned work you do not have access to.

What will I see where I don’t have permissions to access?

In the data tab of the report builder, if you don’t have access to view any resources let’s say. Then, the available columns will be blank. If you do have some