With spring in the air we are excited to soon unleash the features we have been working on all winter long. The next update promises to bring intuitive features into the tool, allowing you to create a workflow more inline with your current business terminology and best practices.

A Taste of Whats to Come

We will be introducing a new way for you to add your own Custom Fields to match your business terminology. Custom Fields will be a powerful and bold Enterprise driven way to dynamically create your own business fields to report and filter on.

We will also be adding a smart Tagging system backed up by new inline grid filters to allow you quickly focus on groups of people at a time.

This will ultimately provide you with more control over how you enter data into the system and how that data is associated with your projects and resources. You can for example create skill sets, client lists, locations, signing dates etc. There are no limits.

On top of this we will also be adding support for more currencies and introducing a new resource role to give you even more flexibility in your resource scheduling and planning.

There will be lots more to come once these features are rolled out this month.

I have an Idea

We build Hub Planner around your feedback so if you have any ideas or suggestions that can make the tool better for you, please visit our Feature Suggestion Forum and add your thoughts there. We actively monitor and participate in the forum and always look at the suggestions when preparing our next Feature Sprint.