New Project & Resource Bulk Upload Options to include Groups and Status for Hub Planner

Save time by uploading data to Hub Planner with bulk import.

Getting your data into Hub Planner is really simple. You can import all your projects, resources, bookings and time entries from your current system, and upload them directly into Hub Planner.

Upload within a few clicks, it’s very simple and straightforward. No need for API or integrating software. Furthermore, all data uploaded is automatically imported to Hub Planner in real time.

New to the Bulk Import data options include the ability to set the Project Status and Apply to a Resource or Project Group.


Map Data Directly to Hub Planner

If you’re moving from another software to Hub Planner, most applications will allow you to download your data. Most common formats are via excel or csv file. You can upload files direct to Hub Planner. Once uploaded, Hub Planner allows you to pick and choose which data you want to upload. You can map the data into Hub Planner values. Be it new or existing Hub Planner projects and resources.

Add Resources, Projects, Time Entries and Bookings.

Cherry Pick Data

Don’t worry if there is other information not relevant to Hub Planner. We can just skip over that column. Hub Planner will ask if you want to ‘ignore column’ or assign a value to it. This will save you having to format the file too much prior to uploading.


Quick and easy imports

It’s very easy to add multiple resources or projects to Hub Planner. You can do so direct from the scheduler sidebar too. Very simple and straightforward process with just a few steps required. In the end, it will save you valuable resource time against manually updating each resource or project.


You can also import multiple timesheet entries and bookings. Keep updated of existing and historic data by importing existing time entries and bookings to projects and resources. Uploaded data becomes fully fledged Hub Planner data integrating with all functions including the scheduler, dashboard, timesheets and reports. You won’t miss a beat!

How to Bulk Import?

We have curated an extensive Knowledge Base that will take you through step by step instructions how to import your data and upload to Hub Planner.

  • Bulk Add Projects
  • Bulk Add Resources
  • Import Time Entries
  • Import Bookings

Bulk Add Projects & Resources

Use the following options to import Projects and Resources into your Hub Planner Account.

Quick Add multiple data by simply pasting a comma separated list directly into the text area of the bulk add field. Alternatively, use the upload tab to map supported fields within the next step.

Bulk Add Projects & Assign Values

Assign a column to any of the available import options. Here is where you will assign a value option from your uploaded data to a column fields relevant to Hub Planner. There are 11 value options to choose from when uploading projects:

  • Project Name Bulk_Add_Projects_Upload
  • Project Code
  • Group
  • Note
  • Budget (hours)
  • Budget (cash)
  • Project Budget Currency
  • Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • End Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Status

Bulk Add Resources & Assign Values

Working the same was as importing project data. You will assign a column to any of the available import options. Assign a value option from your imported data to a column fields that will be represented within Hub Planner. There are 7 value options to choose from when uploading resources:

  • FirstNameBulk_Add_Resources_Upload
  • Last Name
  • First Name_Last Name
  • Las Name_First Name
  • Email
  • Group