Hub Planner integrates with Slack

Today Hub Planner unveils their latest integration; Slack.

Hub Planner, the leading resource management software has collaborated with Slack, the most popular instant messaging software. By working together, both softwares allows for the streamlining of resource scheduling and project planning notifications. Hub Planner has never been so powerful. Daily scheduling has never been easier.

Add to Slack

How it works?

The bones of the integration allows users to be notified of schedules and timesheets via slack channel. This eliminates the need for copious emails hitting your inbox. A simple, efficient alert to your Hub Planner notification channel is all you need. So for example, I receive a daily update of what’s on my schedule this week. I can also be alerted to any updates to the schedule. And, if I forgot, I really like that it reminds me to fill out my timesheet! Clever.

Why use Slack?

Slack is designed to streamline communication. In affect, it’s added to your workflow which helps minimise disruption and increase productivity. By using Slack as your comms, you effectively eliminate the use for email, text messaging and what not. It’s easy to access with both desktop and mobile app versions.

We at Hub Planner use it ourselves. We find it a way better way to communicate, especially with a global team. In fact, we have pretty much eliminated email for internal use.

Hub Planner and Slack Integration Message

Help keep on track of Scheduling and Timesheets

Slack provides the basis to integrate with other software used throughout your workflow. Hence the Hub Planner integration with Slack. Up until now, Hub Planner notified users of scheduling bookings and timesheet reminders by email. Now, these are simply curated via the Hub Planner App in Slack. Simple being the operative word here. A simple alert or reminder. Less disturbance, more collaboration.

Slack Notification Hub Planner ScheduleLots of companies are migrating to slack. Known as a game changer to many. And the global pandemic has spurred those working remotely to adopt the communication software even more. So with this in mind, it was time for Hub Planner to create a Slack App.

Nobody want’s inboxes full of those copious email threads that go on forever and you can’t find what you’re looking for? Well, that’s what Slack is for.

One of the great things about Slack, is that they integrate with many of the softwares we use daily. Be it Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox and now Hub Planner. This really makes it a superpower of collaborative team software.

All your scheduling communications in one place!

  • Searchable. Try searching through your inbox the same :(
  • Settings
  • Easily add attachment files
  • Transparency

Transparency is one of the key design factors for Hub Planner. One can see what’s going on, who’s working on what? Who’s available? Very similar in Slack. Team channels provides that open source of information. However, there is also the option of private channels too.

Get Hub Planner notifications via Slack

Hub Planner help keep you on top of your schedule and timesheets with active reminders and notifications. There are 12 notification types you can set up for Slack. Configure notifications for new, updated or deleted bookings on your schedule. Hub Planner also reminds you to fill out your timesheets as well what your schedule looks like for the week. Handy alerts can now be delivered via a simple slack message.

Hub Planner and Slack Integration Scheduler Notifications of Bookings

Once in the Slack message, there is a direct link to your Hub Planner account. Helpful if you need some more information or need to use the handy drag and drop.

  • New Booking Created
  • Updated Booking
  • Deleted Booking
  • Booking Summary
  • Timesheet Reminder


Manage Requests direct from Slack

Now you can approve and reject requests direct from Slack including vacation requests. If you are an Approver for the Request & Approval workflow, make sure to update these too. Click the interactive buttons to accept or reject any request. Each message comes with a direct link to Hub Planner. Pending requests will show within the Scheduler. So, this is handy to see the impact on the schedule before deciding to approve or reject the request.

There is also a notification to opt into the Hub Planner feature email.

Hub Planner and Slack Integration Request

View your Schedule in Slack

The new Hub Planner Slack App allows you to consistently view your schedule and availability direct in Slack. Within the Home tab of the Slack app, view your scheduled time in multiple frequency options. Choose from Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week or even choose a specific date from the calendar picker. The schedule summary will contain the vital information you need together with a direct link to your Hub Planner scheduler.

Slack Notification Hub Planner Booking Schedule

Want to integrate Hub Planner?

It’s easy to set up Hub Planner with the Slack integration. We’ve even made a step by step guide to help you with setup.

Hub Planner Slack Integration Knowledge Base

Hub Planner Slack Feature Page 

Did you know Hub Planner also integrates with Basecamp, the leading project management software? Hub Planner also integrates with Zapier and for the more advanced developers out there, why not try API?

What to know more about Hub Planner?

Hub Planner is a Resource Management software helping teams with Resource Scheduling, Time Tracking and Project Planning. Full of robust and exiting features like Reporting, Custom Fields, Timesheets, Request & Approval Workflow, Vacation & Annual Leave and SSO to name but a few. Perfect for forecasting, capacity planning and overall more efficient management of Resources and Projects. Hub Planner offers an extensive full featured 60 Day Free Trial, no questions asked. Feel free to give it a go.