Hot on the heels of the new Hub Planner timesheets and tracking software released last week, we have pushed a fresh new round of updates, features and fixes to the application. The updates are as follows:

New Add Project / Event Modal

We have added a new way of adding Projects and Events to a resource. We did use a panel above the resource, but quickly realised that this was not the ultimate solution. So instead we have created a much improved UI in a Modal pop-up for adding Project or Events.

You can use the Modal to add multiple events at a time, by checking the checkbox to keep open while adding, or simply add one at a time.

New Sidebar Tool Options & Notification

You can now hide all projects which have no booked and actual time. This will hide rows to clean up your interface a little. If this filter is turned on we will display a “filtered” tag above the resource name so you know which resources are affected by the filter.


New Timesheets Export

A new export button has been added top right beside the pagination. This will allow you to download what you see on the screen in Excel or CSV format.

New Help Material

A color legend explanation gude was added to the help menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to bypass the suggested time, you can hold down “Alt” and click the suggested time to jump right into the input field. This is power-user but saves an extra click if you want to do this a lot.

New Add Project / Event Button

The button was a little small before, so we have made it bigger so you can’t miss it.

Style Updates

New Hover States Added to all rows and small css tweaks to full mode and responsive mode to make it all click nicely for all resolutions.


Sidebar Search & Sorting

At the top of each resource group is now a search filter allowing you to quickly find a resource. The sidebar lists are also now sorted correctly (alpha).


The hide/show button now has the complementary text of “Hide” and “Show” to make it easier to find.